Hi, I'm Jenny! Thanks so much for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere!

My Family

I'm married to Andrew my childhood sweet heart (awww) , a super hard-working self employed guy, who has to travel a lot for work (giving me the opportunity to turn the house into a sweat-shop while he's gone.) When he's not working he likes to sleep and read theology books. He's also looking at getting into fly fishing and has a pretty funny sense of humour.

We have two gorgeous kids; Noah (born Dec 2008) and Isabelle (born Nov 2010). Noah loves his little sister and is very protective of her ... but like any siblings they have their moments! We're also expecting baby #3 due sometime in May 2013!  We also had little little Pipi Grace join our family in May 2013.

I love them to pieces and have to restrain myself from wrapping them in cotton wool, sewing for them incessantly, giving them everything they want!

My Blog

... basically is:

a) A collection of ramblings on the daily joys and trials in my life as a Mum;
b) A way of cataloguing things I make with links and hints where appropriate;
c) A way of cataloguing cute things my kids say and do, and milestones reached;
d)  A way of me sharing awesome websites and products I love with you my readers;
e) Anything else that happens to be in my head at the time.


The idea behind 'Mend and Make New' is a take off of the old saying 'mend and make do' - because I believe you can be thrifty but without having to just "make do"...

In an increasingly instant and disposable world sometimes its nice to remember those old fashioned ideals of using what you have, looking after what you have, and making new. While at the same time taking advantage of some of these things that this modern day world has to offer, such as free sewing tutorials instantly downloadable from all around the world. You can read more of my ramblings on this topic here.

While no means an expert myself (least of all on parenting, blogging, or sewing); I hope that I can help others gain inspiration, find links and receive encouragement etc ... in the same way that I have by reading others blogs.

Thanks for visiting

Jen x