Tuesday, 1 August 2017

{Sewn} 2 x Playgroup Rompers


While pregnant with Sophie I discovered the Playgroup Romper Pattern by Fresh Stitch Patterns (a company that I’d not heard of before.) Although I didn’t know if I was having a girl or a boy, I knew that I had to snap up this gorgeous pattern straight away! (It also helped that they were having a sale meaning that I got this pattern and the Overnap Bodysuit for just a couple of dollars each!)

Apart from the obvious cuteness of this romper pattern with its bubble/ puffy legs etc, I really love it’s versatility … long sleeves/ sleeveless/ flutter sleeves/ peter pan collar or without … there are endless possibilities! I also have found it a great way to use little scraps of my favourite fabrics with the bodice panel option.

This is exactly what I did for my first one. I discovered that I had a larger scrap of my favourite Liberty of London ‘Betsy’ print and used that for the front and back bodice panel and a lovely light grey linen for the main. I made the 6-9 month size for Sophie to grow into in the Summer, sleeveless with the bubble bloomers (there are 2 bloomer options.)

Liberty and Linen romper

It was a pretty simple sew and I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Liberty romper collage

After making that romper my mind was awash with different fabric combinations and ideas for other rompers. And then I was sorting through my stash and stumbled upon this perfect shade of blush pink cotton (leftovers from when I made my sister a quilt 6 years ago!)… I knew I needed to make another!

Once again I made the 6-9 month size but mixed it up this time by adding flutter sleeves and attached a piece of lace trim down the middle of the front bodice.

Blush pink romperDSC_0017DSC_0026DSC_0034-001

Look at the little deer peeping through from the lining! ^

They were a lot of fun to make (and it was fun practicing my flat lay skills too! ;) ) I am resisting the urge to sew more as I think Miss Sophie might almost have enough Summer rompers now, well for this Summer at least; but I plan to sew some larger sized ones later.

… And now I leave you with my cute photobombing baby (she’s getting big, just over 3 months old now!)

Happy Sewing,

Jen x



Tam Tam said...

Oh, this is so lovely! That lace trim is really a perfect detail!

Jack Qonti said...

This is gorgeous! A blessing to be so talented. No bone of creativity in me.

Sherri Riley said...

I love all your sewing! It always attracted me to figure out how pieces of fabric become a fabulous clothing meant to stress the best features of a person wearing it. I know how to cheat at everything including pdf but wish so much I could make a straight stitch lol

Mozmee007 said...

It's like a gardening suit.

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