Saturday, 6 May 2017

Sophie Evangeline

Long time no blog, eh? Yeah, I’m all about quality over quantity these days, and I’ll think you’ll agree that this is a rather special blog post.

Let me introduce you to the newest member of our family, Sophie Evangeline! She arrived at 6am, 2 weeks ago today on 22 April 2017, weighing 7 pounds 10.

She has slotted right into our family and we all are quite besotted with her!


I sewed a few things while pregnant with Sophie (which I hope to post about soon), but much less than I did when pregnant with Pipi. However, I hope to make up for that in the next few months (time willing of course!) I already have so many sewing plans that I can’t wait to undertake… but for now I’ve been easing into being a Mum of 4 (!) and have been soaking up newborn snuggles and snapping LOTS of photos (as you can see!)


…And if baby spam is your thing … then you can find heaps more of it on my Instagram page … @mendandmakenew !

Jen x


Suz said...

How gorgeous! Your children are all beautiful. Enjoy the preciousness of newbornness!!!!

MaryEGuad said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful! I love her name. With my last daughter the names came down to Evangeline or Persephone. Persephone won but if I had another daughter I would have named her Evangeline. ❤️

Hannah W said...

Dear people
What beautiful photos of your beautiful children!
Best wishes and hugs,
Hannah and Gary W

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congratulation. the baby's so cute. and he name is awesome.!

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