Saturday, 31 December 2016

Festive Things


Christmas day fun!


Handmade Christmas gifts for the teachers. (Featuring this Angel printable from Caravan Shoppe and homemade gingerbread.)


Soaking up the boxing day sunshine at Waimarama

Christmas day this year for us was a pretty subdued affair. In the aftermath of a busy last few months with kids’ birthdays and school and other break ups; a quiet celebration was just what we needed. We’d also just returned from a brief trip to Wellington for my brother’s 30th, so we’d managed to catch up with family members pre-Christmas anyway.

On Christmas day we unwrapped gifts, went to church and had a simple yet delicious lunch at home with roast lamb, new potatoes and lots of Summer fruit and sweet treats. We spent the next day, Boxing day, at one of our local beaches Waimarama, testing out the girls’ new saltwater sandals and building sandcastles, and have spent the last few days in the same relaxed manner, catching up with family and friends and with me stealing a few moments to sew!


Wishing all of you a very blessed 2017 and wonderful holiday season!

Jenny (and family) xx


Hannah W said...

Wishing you all all the best for 2017, love to you and your lovely family! Blessings for you all and the new baby to come! Love, Wellington Wrigleys

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