Sunday, 20 November 2016

Lately… Isabelle turns 6 and other things…

Somehow another year has flown by and my (not so) little girl, my middle child, Isabelle is now SIX!

I mean, how has it been a whole year since her beauty & the beast/ Belle party!? Because I’d thrown her that big party last year, and because this time of year is always a busy time, I hadn’t originally planned to do a party for her this year, however somehow managed to wrangle one anyway!

We kept it pretty simple, 6 little friends, no theme this time, a basic cake and  DIY decorate your own waffles (because our waffle iron is still a bit of a novelty ‘round here.) It was a super hot day and we all had a lot of fun!


You might be able to guess from that last photo what the ‘other things’ mentioned in the post title is…. yes, we are having baby number 4! I’m now 20 weeks along with baby due April next year. We are all very excited – especially the kids!


This little baby seems to be a very wiggly one! We had made the decision to find out gender this time (Pipi was a suprise but we found out with the oldest too), only to have our plans foiled by an unco-operative fetus! So, for now at least, the mystery remains!

I did however, manage to get the 3 babes on the outside to stay still and look at the camera for the announcement photo above (no mean feat!) So I call that a win!


… It did take a couple of shots though! ^

So that’s what’s new around here! I’m still sewing away and will probably back here soon enough to blog about another project, or Noah’s 8th birthday in a couple of weeks!

What is happening in your neck of the woods? Doing any Christmas crafting?

Jen x


The Thrifty Fox said...

Lovely news. I can't wait to see what you see for baby. The birthday looked like a lot of fun.

Amylee Salinger said...

Hey! Ive just started following you on Instagram. Loving all your stuff! Im originally from the HB but now live in Israel with my husband and 4 little kiddies. So lovely seeing 'home' again through your pics. I even saw my nephew in the recent video you put up of your kids singing at school. My brothers kids go to HCS also. Anyhow.. just wanted to drop a line and say hi. Us congratulations on baby number 4. Youre gonna love 4! Its very special.

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