Friday, 17 June 2016

Pipi’s Liberty Vest

Pipi's Liberty Vest

A quick glance at my blog would lead most to believe that I only sew for Pipi, or perhaps, even that I only have one child! And yes, while most of my recent makes have been for this little button, first let me justify that fact by stating that a) the other 2 have less need given that they wear school uniform a lot of the time, and b) Pipi has had a growth spurt and is still in desperate need of a few more warm Winter layers (despite receiving Isabelle’s lightly worn hand-me-downs!) I guess this happens when your children are born in different seasons!

Of course, this little vest is one of a number of handmade birthday presents that I’m still milking for blog posts! ;) (See more about Pipi's birthday here and about her bunny hat here.)


The pattern for this little vest is  The free woollen vest pattern by Little Kiwis Closet. I’ve previously sewn it before here, it’s such a quick and easy sew and I already have an old woollen blanket cut out ready to make Pipi another one. That one will be her rough kindy one, however I’m a bit more protective of this one with it’s gorgeous Liberty of London fabric!

The lining is a vintage wool (most likely poly) blend with a kind of waffle texture to it. I scored it free along with a bunch of other vintage fabrics from a friend’s grandma a few years back. (Thanks Kirsten’s grandma!) I used kam snaps in place of buttons, which make it reversible too, although I’m reluctant to hide that Liberty fabric, if yannowhatimean?!


It’s such a beautiful vest for my beautiful girl!

Until next time (aka the next addition to Pipi’s Winter wardrobe!) Seeya later and happy sewing!

Jen x