Thursday, 30 June 2016

A New Project: Noah’s Lightning Bolt Quilt


I have a new project on the go, and I have to say – I’m rather excited about it! It’s nice, first of all to be sewing something for my boy! It really does feel like it’s been a while! It’s also nice to be quilting again. I haven’t done that in a while. Lastly it’s nice to be trying new techniques and learning new skills – the new skill here being ‘foundation paper piecing.’

I have used ‘English paper piecing’ before when I made Pipi's hexi quilt; but that involved a whole lot of hand stitching, and I’ve now discovered that foundation paper piecing is quite a different kettle of fish (but equally as fun!)

The pattern I’m using is this one by SLOstudio that I bought off Etsy. I was initially planning on using a free pattern, but because I was new to this skill and wanted a bit of a better tutorial, plus I really wanted a square block, I decided to pay the couple of dollars for the pattern. And I’m so glad that I did.

For fabric, I was intending on buying a new cool fabrics I’d seen online, but one day, all of a sudden a bit of inspiration hit and I just wanted to get started so I grabbed a few fat quarters from Spotlight. Luckily for me they were half price that day to so it worked out well!


Noah is very excited and also eager for it to be finished already. When I first started and had completed a few blocks he woke up and saw it and informed me that he liked it but thought it was a little small! Haha! There’s still a bit to go son, still a bit to go!

Although it is a bit of a slow burn project, I’m enjoying it so expect it to grow quickly – it already has grown a bit since I took these photos. I plan to post photo updates here from time to time. I’m aiming for just slightly bigger than a standard single size, maybe king single. (Borders will be added at the end.)

Also, I normally quilt in rows and am not sure how I came about doing columns, but never mind it wont make any difference to the end result.

What is your current WIP (work in progress)?

Jen x