Sunday, 29 May 2016

Pipi’s Bunny Hat


As I mentioned in my last post about Pipi's birthday, I made her a few homemade presents this year. One of these handmade gifts was this bunny hat/ rabbit bonnet which I made using this pattern from 'Sewing in No Man's Land'.

Last Winter I made Pipi this matching coat in a nice roomy size, and I was happy that I had saved the scraps of left over fabric when I saw that Kelly from SINML was offering the bonnet pattern for free for a limited time just before Easter this year. Just as I had when making the coat, I used a wool blend fabric in soft pink for the outer and a vintage sheet for the lining.

bunny hat

I think Pipi looks so cute as a rabbit and the first time she tried it on, on her birthday she let out an almighty “roaaaarrr!” (Obviously she hasn’t spent too much time around pet rabbits!)


Apologies for the 5 gazillion photos, but this girl is just too cute, how could I resist sharing them?

Pipi is such a busy wee girl, it can be quite difficult getting a good shot. Therefore one has to be creative… resorting to taking photos of her in action, while she’s picking flowers, or bouncing on the trampoline…

Pipi rabbit

… or fast asleep!!!


… Us Sewing Mum bloggers we do what we need to do to get a good shot!

I didn’t have the spare time to join in with Kid’s Clothes Week this time around, but I still have a few Winter sewing plans that I hope to get through in the next few weeks. So far our Winter here has been pretty mild, so if the lovely weather could just stick around a little longer (until I manage to get my sew on) that would be great.

Have you been doing any sewing lately?

Jen x


Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

A roaring bunny is a real thing! I swear hahaha Precious :) The last pic is gorgeous :) Love the bonnet. The ears make it so perfectly childish and fun <3

Zenon Gus said...
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มลิวรรณ said...

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