Thursday, 19 May 2016

Pipi Turns 3!


On the 9th of May, my little baby turned three! OK, OK …so I know technically she’s not a baby anymore, but it honestly only feels like yesterday that this happened! Where have those 3 years gone?!?

To celebrate we had a casual little morning tea on her birthday which fell on a Monday. The kids all just played together whilst the Mum’s caught up over a cuppa and slice of cake. Speaking of cake… I had  a lot of fun trying out a new new cake recipe (and my new cake mixer which I’d gotten with birthday vouchers about a week before.) I made a basic vanilla layered cake in that ‘naked cake’ style with vanilla buttercream and my first attempt at a chocolate ganache drizzle. It’s not perfect (a little wonky) but I was pretty happy with how it turned out. The awesome personalised cake topper is from Love From Seventeen.


Pipi was orginally wearing the cute little star outfit (as pictured above, left) which was a gift from my Dad and Step Mum, and of course, once she spilt a bit of orange juice on herself, she decided that she now needed to strip down to her birthday suit! Typical Pipi!


Pipi’s presents from us included more handmade items that previous years and that is something that I’m trying to incorporate into every gift, where time allows. I made her a little hooded vest, 2 pairs of undies and a little rabbit bonnet that matches the coat that I made her last year. Further blog posts to come…

Pipi was also very spoilt with lots of lovely gifts from family and friends, mainly according to the themes of play kitchen or craft, both of which kept her occupied for hours after the party and beyond!


The other exciting thing that came along with turning 3 was that Pipi got to start Kindy, something that she has been eagerly awaiting for some time now!

Pipi's first day of KindyPipi's first day o kindy (2)

Happiest of birthdays to our sweet Pipi Grace and thank you so much to everyone who helped her day be so special! xx



Kat Hosking said...

You've done a gorgeous job on her presents and cake - and a beautiful little girl, too! Happy birthday Pipi!

Sophie Slim said...

Yay what a special milestone! Happy 3rd birthday Pipi! It feels like you were just born the other day! ;)

So funny that she stripped off into her birthday suit, on her birthday! Happy 3 year olds huh!

Have fun at Kindy! AND, enjoy your childless time Mama x

Speider Defne said...
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