Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Homemade Lego Storage Bag/ Mats

Lego play mats

We are in the midst of school holidays around here and the favourite toy by far is Lego/ Duplo.

I have kind of a love/ hate relationship with the stuff. On one hand, I love that it stimulates both the left and ride sides of their brains, both logic and creativity… and lets be honest, I love that it can lead to hours of independent play time (hello extra sewing time!) BUT…. I don’t like finding bits of Lego E V E R Y W H E R E … and I definitely don’t like accidently standing on a piece! Ouch!

I know this style of storage mat/ bag has been around for a while, usually made by someone’s clever grandma, but recently I’ve seen a bit of a revival of them advertised online, made with really cool fabrics! The cool thing about them as they are both a play mat and a bag all in one – once you’ve finished playing you simply pull the drawstring to turn it into a bag, and you’re done!

I’d intended buying one but I’m a bit of a scrooge and in the end I decided to sew one.  (Which turned into two, one for the older kid’s lego and one for Pipi’s duplo – which still came in cheaper than buying one store bought one!)

Lego mat 3

I found a free tutorial here which was really helpful. In the tutorial she suggests measuring around the perimeter of the circle, however I used a bit of 3rd form maths … ‘circumference = pi x diameter’ to work that out. Yay for using high school maths in the real world!

For fabric I found a cool monochrome star wars fabric for Noah and Isabelle’s Lego and a brightly coloured chevron fabric for Pipi’s. Both are reasonably heavy weight drill fabric and for that reason I didn’t bother strengthening with interfacing as suggested. I used a cheap calico for the inside.

Pipi Duplo matPipi's duplo mat 3

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and the kid’s love them too! (I heard Noah telling Pipi one morning “See it’s a bag and a mat… isn’t Mum clever?” – So that’s a bonus!) We still use our cool Lego storage bricks too, now they house all those ‘special creations’ that the kids don’t quite feel like dismantling yet.

I can definitely see myself making more, and can imagine something making something similar to use as a picnic bag/ mat too.

For those of you also living in NZ with kids, how are your school holidays going? Stood on much Lego recently?

Jen x