Monday, 28 March 2016

The Katie-Pie Play Dress

deer dress

I have some exciting news - the Katie-Pie play dress, the latest PDF to be designed by Lydia of Little Kiwis Closet is here! It’s a gorgeous knit dress that while it’s very pretty, as that it’s made out of comfortable knit fabric - is practical for play too!

I made this littel ‘deer dress’ for Pipi during the pattern testing process. I should note that it was made rather early in the process (as I was so eager to get sewing) and Lydia, being the pattern designing professional/ perfectionist that she is,  has since refined the neckband, meaning that if you make a dress with the finished pattern your neckband will sit nicer than mine. (I still like my dress, but isn’t it good to know when buying a pattern that the designer has taken the time to get everything exactly right?)

Based on Pipi’s measurements I chose to sew a size 2 and made the short sleeve option with a plain back (see the side on pic further down, but try to ignore my overgrown lawn!).There are a couple of snaps on one shoulder for ease of dressing, but I believe there is also an option for no snaps. Likewise, this pattern also provides for a long-sleeved option as well as an option whereby the bodice continues around the back as well. It caters for sizes NB – 12 years, so there truly is something for everyone!

Deer dress collage

The sew went really well, and came together pretty quickly. As always, Lydia’s instructions were great and I’d say even an adventurous beginner could handle this (PS knits aren’t as scary as people make them out to be, be brave people!) I normally detest gathering (I never seem to get my gathers even), but this time I tried out the gathering by serger method (following this craftsy tutorial) and it worked a treat! I definitely will be doing that again!

I was hoping to make another dress while testing (and I have the perfect fabric too), but a bit of kiddie sickness and general busyness put an end to that for now (the kiddie sickness also put an end to a camping holiday, but that’s another story!) Also, in case you’re wondering why Miss Pip is not super smiley in these photos, that would be because she’d just recovered from hand, foot and mouth only to come down with a tummy bug, poor thing. All things considering, I think she did pretty good!

Deer dress 5DSC_0014-001DSC_0051-001DSC_0060DSC_0062

So hop along and snag your copy of this versatile little dress. I certainly see myself sewing many more of these bad boys, that’s for sure and I’m sure it’s a pattern you’ll love too*! (Also it’s on sale for a very limited time, so go, go go!)

Jen x

* [disclaimer: that is, if sewing little girls’ dresses is your thing. And don’t worry, Dad I know you’re only here to see photos of your grandbabies and sewing dresses is probably not really your thing.]


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