Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Our Summer Holidays – Part 2 {Camping at Mahia}

Mahia 1

We’ve just enjoyed a lovely week-long camping holiday at beautiful Mahia. (A Peninsula located on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, between Napier and Gisborne.)

My Dad, step Mum (“Poppa” and “Granny Lynn”) and brother Tom came up from Christchurch and my sister, Holly, her boyfriend Jermaine (and their cute dog, Boogie) came down from Auckland for the holiday which was awesome. As well as great company (including very intense 500 card games in the evening), we also enjoyed brilliant weather, great food (camping with Dad and Lynn is better described as ‘glamping’); and lots of lovely beach swims. Jermaine’s family live nearby so we had the benefit of local knowledge – he showed us an awesome river swimming hole, took us to the Morere hot pools and organised a fishing charter for Andrew and I! (I caught a Hapuka (grouper) wahoo!)

We had one heart in throat situation where newly toilet trained Pipi decided to take herself off to the bathroom first thing in the morning before anyone had woken and we awoke to find her missing! Words can not describe the fear I felt at that moment. Long story short, it all ended well and despite getting lost coming back from the toilet block Pipi managed to find a helpful lady who soon tracked us down! Oh the relief, but needless to say is not a situation I ever want repeated again!

We had such a lovely time, it was so nice to catch up with family in such an idyllic spot. It was hard to leave and get back to reality, but not to matter – we are back there at Easter with a group of friends from church! Yay!

Mahia 2

But for now, it’s stationary sorting, covering school books and trying to get re-accustomed to waking with an alarm in preparation for school starting back next week!

Have you camped with kids before? How did it go? (I find it definately helps having a few extra pairs of hands around!)

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