Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Year in Sewing {2015}

My year in sewing 2015

As the year wraps up I’ve been reflecting on a lot of things, including the things that I’ve made during the year. As usual there are a lot of things on my ‘to make’ list that I never quite got around too (most of which come from the so called ‘selfish sewing’/ sewing for me category.)

It’s definitely been the year of  undies and pajamas, with me making Noah three pairs of PJs (rabbit, night-time adventurer and batman ), Isabelle two (merino pair 1 and 2) and Pipi just the one pair. And as for undies, I’ve literally made hundreds this year! I’ve also made quite a few baby gifts this year.

If I had to pick a favourite make it would have to be Pipi's wool coat. This was also the most technically challenging for me too. It’s closely followed by Isabelle's 'Belle' dress.

My year in sewing 2 2015

Looking back at these photos it seems that I do have a particular style, sticking to mainly a pastel colour palate, with soft pinks and mint, lots of floral, and also lots of navy stripes, black and white triangles and a bit of mustard…. and as always, a lot of grey marle!

my year in sewing 3 (2015)

I’m looking forward to sewing a bunch of things in 2016, including, hopefully a few more things for me and I’d love to learn a few more skills and acquire some lovely new fabric too of course!

What was your favourite make of 2015? What are you hoping to sew more of in 2016?

Jen x


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