Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Isabelle’s ‘Belle’ dress (Beauty & the Beast)

Belle 1Belle 6DSC_0049Belle 3Belle 5

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen a photo I posted of this little dress right before the beginning of Kid's Clothes Week. It was around a month ago that I made it. At the time I had 3 custom orders on the go and was going into KCW, but then I had a sudden urge to make this little dress! (Craziness!)

When the kids went away with my Mum in the school holidays Isabelle became fascinated with my childhood ‘Beauty & the Beast’ book. Because of her newfound fascination we decided to go with a ‘Beauty & the Beast’ / Royal/ Princess theme for her upcoming 5th birthday (which is THIS Thursday! Eeek!) I wasn’t planning on making her dress straight away, but then Spotlight discounted it’s satin and tulle, so I took it as a sign. I bought a metre of satin (used on the bodice outer and underskirt), rayon (overskirt and bodice lining) and also a small bit of tulle (I was going to use this for a little detail around her shoulders, but decided to keep it simple.) All up it cost $13 I think.

DSC_0091Belle 2DSC_0076

The pattern I used was The Little Kiwis Closet Scalloped Princess Dress with a couple of modifications. My petite almost 5 year old usually still wears a size 4 normally but I want this to last for a bit so I made a size 5 but with a size 4 skirt length. My first modification was accidental – I hadn’t bought enough fabric to do a complete circle skirt, so I cut 2 half circles with added seam allowances and joined them together. The second modification was the overskirt. For inspiration I was wanting to achieve something like this, and I found this tutorial on how to do the ruching (you essentially stretch sew pieces of elastic to get this effect.) I didn’t follow the tutorial exactly, but just enough to get the look as per my inspiration image.

Isabelle is also wearing an pettiskirt underneath which gives dress a bit more lift!

I can’t wait until Isabelle wears it at her Beauty & Beast party this coming Saturday.

Jen x


Hannah said...

Dear Jenny,
Isabelle looking fantastic!
Real bday stuff! Happy bday Isabelle!
Love from from Wellington Wrigleys :)

Sophie Slim said...

Well done Jenny! How did you go sewing the satin together with rayon??! I imagine that was tricky!??? You did a fantastic job anyway! And with such little fabric!! I think Camillas Cinderella dress had like 10m of fabric or something ridiculous in it. So expensive! I like your $13 option much better!! ;) x

Inspinration said...

Really nice, my kids would love this!