Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Our School Holidays According to Instagram

School holidays collage

We have finished what I think was quite possibly the best school holidays ever! In the first week my Mum and step Dad came and ‘kidnapped’ all 3 (yes, all THREE!) of our kids and they went for a little holiday in Taupo. They had a great time doing all sorts of things including paddle boarding on the lake, while meanwhile Andrew had an awesome kid free break! We stayed home but Andrew worked from home during the day while I finished sewing another order of undies for Freedom Kids (30 this time, you buy them here if you’re interested.) And then in the evenings (or whenever we felt like it), we’d ‘down tools’ and hang out – go out for dinner or a movie or have a Netflix/ cocktails/ pizza night in. As much as I love those little guys it was such a great to be able to have a break - be able to sleep in, and to be able to do little things like leave the house without a huge fuss (Michael McIntyre knows what I'm talking about!)

The second week was great too, we went and stayed with Andrew’s parents down in Otaki for a few days, during which we met a brand new nephew, went to the beach and I went fabric shopping and enjoyed a night out with Andrew in Wellington. You see, a perfect school holidays!

I snapped a few pics and shared to Instagram, including those above.

Are you on Instagram? I’m @mendandmakenew if you feel like following along!

What did you get up to these school holidays?

Jen x

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Leonie said...

Looks just the way a holiday should be! Fun!! I am on IG and follow you but I do come and go on it a bit... Social media and I aren't great friends ;p