Tuesday, 20 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: Mustard Cardi + Liberty Dress

Yes I know, I’m predictable. If I have the opportunity to sew anything Liberty I will. Yup, you got me!

Day 2 (2)

For day 2 of Kid's Clothes Week (yesterday) I made Isabelle a mustard cardi out of some thrifted rib knit and a little Liberty dress.

I say ‘mustard’ but really it’s more of a marigold/ dandelion yellow, a little softer than mustard – perfect for my little girl. I got the bundle of fabric (1 metre) for just $1 and have cut out and started piecing together a size 2 one for Pipi as well. I was originally going to sew her a paper bag skirt out of some different fabric, but my Liberty knit had mustard tones that co-ordinated so well, and I couldn’t resist!

Day 2 (5)Day 2 (7)Day 2 (3)Day 2 (6)DSC_0009

As you can see from that photo above the Liberty fabric is a very detailed and small scale floral, which looks gorgeous from afar and even more beautiful upon closer inspection. It’s a lightweight cotton spandex blend so is very stretchy and comfortable – a perfect dress to play (or climb trees in – see below!)

For the dress I used the four seasons tank and tee pattern by Little Kiwis Closet in size 5 as a base and modified it by lengthening it and adding a elasticated waist. (I stretched and sewed in clear elastic to gather the waist similar to what I did here.) Half way through the project truth be told I was hating it, it just seemed too simple and plain …. but I guess that’s how I can bring in the KCW theme of disguise … my beautiful girl and this beautiful fabric ‘disguise’ it’s simplicity (and a little bit of less than perfect sewing too!)

For the cardi I used the Owly Baby -'Darling Cardigan' pattern, also in size 5. I’ve had this pattern in my arsenal for a while and I’ve made a few before, but this is the first time I’ve used this pattern for one of my girls. It came together well, despite some not so beautiful top stitching, but I love the little gathers at the shoulders and enjoyed using my snap press for the first time when doing the domes. (My kid’s were fascinated by my press too!)

tree climbing BelleTree climbing 3tree climbing 2

I’m not sure if Roman sandals are the best tree climbing attire, but this stretchy comfy dress certainly worked well!

Are you joining in with KCW?

I’ll be back here tomorrow to share today’s make/s. (At time of writing this they are yet to be sewn!)

Jen x



Lindsay said...

Very classy! Great job pairing up those fabrics!

Joanna said...

lovely! Love the colours x