Saturday, 24 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: Isabelle’s Upcycled Tee

I’ve just now realised that I seem to have followed a bit of a rule this Kid's Clothes Week, that being – ‘if it looks nice, make it twice.’

I’ve made 2 pairs of Liberty leggings, 2 mustard cardis and little dresses and now this is the second upcycled tee that I’ve made this week. (The first being, Noah's Transformers tee that I made for day 3.

Isabelle's Upcycled Tee 4Isabelle's Upcycled Tee 5Isabelle's Upcycled top 3Isabelle's Upcycled top 2

I saw this tee at the op shop (a women’s size small) and knew that it would make an awesome upcycled tee for Miss Isabelle… (whom I think looks a little like a younger version of the girl on the front, especially with her glasses on.) Don’t you think?

This was one of those projects that truly did only use the minimum 1 hour sewing time that you’re meant to do for KCW. Actually just under, I worked fast and timed myself. Excluding pattern cutting time (which I’d already done), it took 45 minutes start to finish! (I needed to get it done, get the photos and get onto dinner prep ASAP!)

The pattern I used was the four seasons tank and tee pattern by Little Kiwis Closet, in size 5. For fabric, I used the original tee for the front and back panels and added contrast by using some striped knit from my stash and grey trim along the neckline. (The original tee was solid dark grey.)

Isabelle's upcycled teeIsabelle's Upcycled teeIsabelle Upcycled tee 7Isabelle's Upcycled tee 6

My little poser was in fine form today! That ‘face’ that she’s pulling in the photo next to the poking out tongue one really cracks me up. It was the result of my suggestion that she ‘pull the same face, as the girl on her tee.’ I think she nailed it!

I’ll hopefully be back here tomorrow to share my final make for this KCW!  (Phew!) Another simple one I think!

Thanks for following along with my makes and for your lovely comments here and on other forms of social media.

Jen x

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So sweet! I love it. All the best from Switzerland.

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