Thursday, 22 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: A(nother) Mustard Cardi + Little Blue Dress

Hello everyone! I’m still sewing along with Kid's Clothes Week. I didn’t get much sewing done last night (day 4), but I did manage to make a start on this little peasant dress for Pipi. I had already cut out the little mustard cardi and began construction when I sewed Isabelle's one; so today I finished both those projects off – and that’s my day 4 & 5 effort combined!

Pipi dress & cardiPipi dressDSC_0164

Isn’t that blue fabric lovely? I picked it up from Spotlight for $5.95 for a metre, and of course if you remember from this blog post, the mustard fabric cost me $1 from an op shop, so this worked out a pretty cheap outfit all round!

For the dress I used my old faithful, this FREE peasant dress pattern and tutorial (I made the size 2-3) and like Isabelle’s cardi I once again used the Darling Cardi pattern from Owly Baby, (although for Pipi’s I sewed a size 3.) I can’t seem to find that pattern for sale anymore (it’s one I’ve owned for ages), hence the reason I haven’t put a link.


It was fun once again to pull out the snap press. It is our local Anniversary Day today so no school or kindy, so as you can see I was surrounded by Lego and fun!

If I get organised tomorrow I’ll be back to share my day 6 project! We’ll see!

Jen x

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marisa said...

Love the dress, and the fabric is gorgeous - what a find! Cardi is very cute too. Gotta get myself a snap press!

Sophie Slim said...

Love it Jen! You've nailed those fabric choices, and your stamp press thingy looks so much fun to use! What a great way to make your clothes so much more professional looking! It looks like you just got them from the shop! x

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Gorgeous outfit :) That blue fabric... Yum!

Lindsay said...

I love this! The mustard cardigan looks lovely with the blue dress!