Saturday, 24 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: Noah’s Black & White Pants

Yay! I made it! Today is the final day of Kid's Clothes Week, day 7. I’ve enjoyed it as always, but we’ve been busy with not much spare time for sewing – hence another easy project today!

Some simple black and white stripe harem pants for Noah!

Noah's pants 3DSC_0041DSC_0045DSC_0068DSC_0072

I love how they turned out and so does Noah. I’m not really into track pants but I love pants like these that are both comfy and styly. The fabric is some lovely and thick cotton lycra that I bought from Levana during the school holidays. The tie at the top is made from an old knit scrap (off cut from my overlocker) that I’d saved. It’s just for looks as the waist is elasticated.

I used The Little Kiwis Closet Hip Hop harem pattern by Little Kiwis Closet as a base, but I modified it a bit. I didn’t do cuffs at the bottom and instead of a yoga waistband I used elastic (so added a bit of length to the top.) I also tapered the ankles a bit because I wanted that narrow/ fitted look.

Noah's pants 2DSC_0055DSC_0064

I quickly whipped these up this morning and now Noah is out fishing with Andrew in them. The girls and I went out to the Keirunga gardens that was running it’s miniature railway/ ride-on trains over this long weekend. It’s a beautiful day in the Hawke’s Bay all round!

Next on the sewing list … is hemming the husband’s pants – not quite so exciting… and then I’ll finish a couple of custom orders.

What’s on your sewing list… or are you just glad to have got through Kid’s Clothes Week?

[EDITED to add – this pic of all my sewing from this KCW. If you missed any of my blog posts then check them out here.]

KCW Oct 2015

Jen x

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KCW Oct 2015: Isabelle’s Upcycled Tee

I’ve just now realised that I seem to have followed a bit of a rule this Kid's Clothes Week, that being – ‘if it looks nice, make it twice.’

I’ve made 2 pairs of Liberty leggings, 2 mustard cardis and little dresses and now this is the second upcycled tee that I’ve made this week. (The first being, Noah's Transformers tee that I made for day 3.

Isabelle's Upcycled Tee 4Isabelle's Upcycled Tee 5Isabelle's Upcycled top 3Isabelle's Upcycled top 2

I saw this tee at the op shop (a women’s size small) and knew that it would make an awesome upcycled tee for Miss Isabelle… (whom I think looks a little like a younger version of the girl on the front, especially with her glasses on.) Don’t you think?

This was one of those projects that truly did only use the minimum 1 hour sewing time that you’re meant to do for KCW. Actually just under, I worked fast and timed myself. Excluding pattern cutting time (which I’d already done), it took 45 minutes start to finish! (I needed to get it done, get the photos and get onto dinner prep ASAP!)

The pattern I used was the four seasons tank and tee pattern by Little Kiwis Closet, in size 5. For fabric, I used the original tee for the front and back panels and added contrast by using some striped knit from my stash and grey trim along the neckline. (The original tee was solid dark grey.)

Isabelle's upcycled teeIsabelle's Upcycled teeIsabelle Upcycled tee 7Isabelle's Upcycled tee 6

My little poser was in fine form today! That ‘face’ that she’s pulling in the photo next to the poking out tongue one really cracks me up. It was the result of my suggestion that she ‘pull the same face, as the girl on her tee.’ I think she nailed it!

I’ll hopefully be back here tomorrow to share my final make for this KCW!  (Phew!) Another simple one I think!

Thanks for following along with my makes and for your lovely comments here and on other forms of social media.

Jen x

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Thursday, 22 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: A(nother) Mustard Cardi + Little Blue Dress

Hello everyone! I’m still sewing along with Kid's Clothes Week. I didn’t get much sewing done last night (day 4), but I did manage to make a start on this little peasant dress for Pipi. I had already cut out the little mustard cardi and began construction when I sewed Isabelle's one; so today I finished both those projects off – and that’s my day 4 & 5 effort combined!

Pipi dress & cardiPipi dressDSC_0164

Isn’t that blue fabric lovely? I picked it up from Spotlight for $5.95 for a metre, and of course if you remember from this blog post, the mustard fabric cost me $1 from an op shop, so this worked out a pretty cheap outfit all round!

For the dress I used my old faithful, this FREE peasant dress pattern and tutorial (I made the size 2-3) and like Isabelle’s cardi I once again used the Darling Cardi pattern from Owly Baby, (although for Pipi’s I sewed a size 3.) I can’t seem to find that pattern for sale anymore (it’s one I’ve owned for ages), hence the reason I haven’t put a link.


It was fun once again to pull out the snap press. It is our local Anniversary Day today so no school or kindy, so as you can see I was surrounded by Lego and fun!

If I get organised tomorrow I’ll be back to share my day 6 project! We’ll see!

Jen x

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KCW Oct 2015: Upcycled Transformers Tee

Yesterday, for day 3 of Kid's Clothes Week I made Noah this Transformers tee out of an old T-shirt of mine. (Yes, you read that right, it was originally my tee – back in the late 90s/ early 00s it was kind of cool to wear a tight fitting tee with kid’s cartoon characters on… in an ironic/ nostalgic/ talking point kind of way … or maybe that was just me.)

A few years back, I went to put it in the op shop pile but had a change of heart and instead it went in the repurpose pile. It’s lucky I did too because Noah really loves transformers!

Megatron topMegatron 3[16]Megatron 2

Today was overcast and not the best for taking photos. Because of that it’s hard to tell from the photos (particularly the modelled shots) that I used a lovely minty fabric for the sleeves and the neckline. The original top was solid blue. I was also able to save time using the original hem of the top, since it was an upcycle – bonus!

The pattern I used was the four seasons tank and tee pattern by Little Kiwis Closet, one I use a lot! I made a size 6 for my little almost 7 (!) year old.

The best thing about this top is how much Noah loves it (note the adoring gaze below)… but then again he was pretty excited about our ‘late night PJ adventure’ when we raced off to the after hours pharmacy for Nit shampoo* the other night … so he is rather easily pleased!

Megatron 5

Jen x

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: Mustard Cardi + Liberty Dress

Yes I know, I’m predictable. If I have the opportunity to sew anything Liberty I will. Yup, you got me!

Day 2 (2)

For day 2 of Kid's Clothes Week (yesterday) I made Isabelle a mustard cardi out of some thrifted rib knit and a little Liberty dress.

I say ‘mustard’ but really it’s more of a marigold/ dandelion yellow, a little softer than mustard – perfect for my little girl. I got the bundle of fabric (1 metre) for just $1 and have cut out and started piecing together a size 2 one for Pipi as well. I was originally going to sew her a paper bag skirt out of some different fabric, but my Liberty knit had mustard tones that co-ordinated so well, and I couldn’t resist!

Day 2 (5)Day 2 (7)Day 2 (3)Day 2 (6)DSC_0009

As you can see from that photo above the Liberty fabric is a very detailed and small scale floral, which looks gorgeous from afar and even more beautiful upon closer inspection. It’s a lightweight cotton spandex blend so is very stretchy and comfortable – a perfect dress to play (or climb trees in – see below!)

For the dress I used the four seasons tank and tee pattern by Little Kiwis Closet in size 5 as a base and modified it by lengthening it and adding a elasticated waist. (I stretched and sewed in clear elastic to gather the waist similar to what I did here.) Half way through the project truth be told I was hating it, it just seemed too simple and plain …. but I guess that’s how I can bring in the KCW theme of disguise … my beautiful girl and this beautiful fabric ‘disguise’ it’s simplicity (and a little bit of less than perfect sewing too!)

For the cardi I used the Owly Baby -'Darling Cardigan' pattern, also in size 5. I’ve had this pattern in my arsenal for a while and I’ve made a few before, but this is the first time I’ve used this pattern for one of my girls. It came together well, despite some not so beautiful top stitching, but I love the little gathers at the shoulders and enjoyed using my snap press for the first time when doing the domes. (My kid’s were fascinated by my press too!)

tree climbing BelleTree climbing 3tree climbing 2

I’m not sure if Roman sandals are the best tree climbing attire, but this stretchy comfy dress certainly worked well!

Are you joining in with KCW?

I’ll be back here tomorrow to share today’s make/s. (At time of writing this they are yet to be sewn!)

Jen x


Monday, 19 October 2015

KCW Oct 2015: Matching Liberty Leggings

Iceblocks and Leggings 2DSC_0027-001

Yay, Kid's Clothes Week is here again! You know that week, 4 times a year where some of us go crazy sewing heaps of things for our kids for new season. Here in NZ we are in the midst of Spring, and I can’t think of anything that says Spring more than Liberty florals. Can you?

In an ode to one of my previous KCW sew (Oct 2013), (wow exactly 2 years ago), I decided to once again make my girls matching Liberty leggings.

By now in my sewing career I’ve sewn many a pair of leggings, so the sew went well – quick and easy. The photography, not so much! Is it too much to ask to have both girls smiling in one shot?! It turned out alright in the end, once an ice block bribe was in play!

DSC_0058-001DSC_0065-001Isabelle Iceblock and leggingsDSC_0085Pipi legs

The pattern I used was my old staple – the pattern from the book Growing up Sew Liberated. I sewed Isabelle the size 4 and Pipi the size 2.

I didn’t exactly follow the theme of ‘disguise’ this time ‘round’ – but one could argue that the beautiful Liberty floral ‘disguises’/ conceals my sewing scissors quite nicely! (See second pic from the top.)

Joining in with Kid's Clothes Week.

Are you playing along?

Jen x