Saturday, 26 September 2015

Medieval Day: A Homemade Knight’s Costume


The week before last Noah had a medieval day at his school. The kids in the junior school were encouraged to come dressed as knights, peasants, crusaders, kings and noblewoman or anything else that they could think of that fitted within the medieval theme. Noah seemed happy to go as either a king or knight, so when I spotted a handmade knight top in the op shop, it was decided: Noah was going as a knight.


I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty proud of this helmet. Cardboard is not my normal medium, fabric is – so this was an achievement for me.

I largely based it’s construction on this tutorial that I found on Pinterest. I cut 7 petal shapes from an old cardboard box that were triangular on one end and rectangular on the other (if that makes sense?) I glued them together with the hot glue gun but found that my joins were no where as neat as the tutorial, so I decided to paper mache them on the outside to strengthen them. Then I covered the whole thing in tinfoil with Mod Podge (PVA glue would work just as fine). I then gave it a good coating with wide clear cellotape (I basically laminated the thing) to give it more durability. I made the visor in the same way and attached it using a split pin so it could be moved up and down easily.

It was a fun day at school. In the morning each class did a little parade (this is Noah’s class below.) Everyone went to a big effort with their costumes!

Noah's medieval day

It was pretty fun searching Pinterest for ideas! As well as tutorials for cardboard helmets, they also had some made of polar fleece and even crochet!

… And I can’t write a post about all things medieval without including this little guy! I mean, come on look at him! This guinea pig suit of armour was sold on ebay a few year ago and I saw it went viral. I found it hilarious and thought you might get a giggle from it too!


So there you go, knights and guinea pigs in shining armour. I never did imagine that I’d be writing a blog post about that!

Have you DIY’d any costumes lately?


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Leonie said...

Fantastic job Jenny - I can imagine Noah was stoked looks like a delightful, fun (and sunny!) day. I haven't seen the guinea pig in armour but that most certainly did make me smile :)