Saturday, 5 September 2015



Well hello there, poor neglected blog, it’s been a while!

Sorry for being a bit absent from these parts, over the last month. We moved house about 2 weeks ago (hence the pile of boxes in that second photo) and I’m just starting to find my feet (and still awaiting our WIFI connection… grrr!)

I still have been sewing, mainly filling an order for 25 pairs of undies! Yes! 25! (That’s them all piled up in the third photo.) This order was for Freedom Kid's Clothing, a new online store specializing in gender neutral and ethically produced children’s wear – and it’s launching soon.

I’m also looking forward to sewing a bunch of things for myself and my kids. The change of seasons seems to inspire me in that way – what’s that, a little bit of sunshine? Quick, lets sew all the warmer weather things!

The last two photos are from today. We spent a lovely afternoon picnic-ing and frolicking amongst the daffodils at Taniwha fields (you can pick 30 flowers for $5) … and this afternoon the kids made Father’s day cards. Noah, in particular wrote some very sweet messages to his Dad.

Anyway, I must run (mobile internet and all), but I’ll be back to share some sewing I did last month, perhaps more details on the undies I made and some more photos from today’s daffodil picking expedition.

What’s new with you?

Jenny x


Miriam said...

congrats on the order that is great!

Leonie said...

Hello! yay for you, yay for the order!!! and yay for daffodils and summer coming and also... gorgeous out of season sewing ;) x