Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Why I Sew – Guest posting on KCW Blog


Today I’m sharing a guest post on the Kid's Clothes Week blog that I’ve written on the topic ‘Why I Sew.’

I’ve thrown around words like  ‘fun, fulfilment … that creative kick … and sanity’… and also something mushy about ‘sewing love into every stitch’ when I sew for my kids. … But of course, you’ll have to read the article itself if you want to know more. (I mean how could you resist clicking over after that dramatic intro!! hehe!)

mend and make new

So, why do YOU sew? As a hobby? As a job? Because you can’t find what you want in stores or as a means of saving a bit of money? Or because you need to do something to justify your fabric addiction? OR all of the above?

Jen x

KCW Summer contributor

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