Wednesday, 22 July 2015

School Holiday Snippets

DSC_0013DSC_0015DSC_0019DSC_0004-001DSC_0012DSC_0011-002DSC_0027-001DSC_0030-001DSC_0033-001DSC_0029-001DSC_0001-002DSC_0024My girl and I

We’ve just enjoyed 2 weeks of School Holidays. Yes, I used the word ‘enjoyed’. When I posted a few of these photos on Facebook and commented that I wished we had another week off, one of my friends remarked that I was the only Mum she’d seen asking for more holidays. While it’s true that during the normal school term I can manage a few more quiet alone moments (especially on a day when Isabelle is at Kindy, Noah at school and Pipi is napping); I really do love the slow mornings and break from routine that is the school holidays.

And despite the smaller amount of ‘me’ time and occasional sibling squabble (especially when cooped up with Wintery weather), I am resolved to, as much as possible enjoy the holidays and enjoy my kids.

We didn’t go away or do too much, but we had a thoroughly relaxing time, and I loosely planned at least one (often simple) activity for each day.

We made our own homemade play-dough, went to the park a few times (one time doing our traditional fish & chip holiday lunch), juiced oranges from our own tree, Noah read Pipi bedtime stories and of course … I managed a bit of sewing (these skirts and Pipi's coat.)

Did you have a good school holidays? Any good ideas or activities to share, that I can store away for next time?

Jen x

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