Sunday, 5 July 2015



1. Isabelle enjoying some strawberry milk through her glasses straw! Thanks Jermaine for this awesome gift! (Also wearing Auntie Holly’s blinging necklace!) / 2. A junior sewer in the making. Seen here ‘making’ a baby blanket using her Needle & Nail sewing machine. / 3 & 4.  Pipi and Isabelle draw on the driveway./ 5 & 6. Nana and Noah the junior builder.

Although it might seem like it on this blog, life hasn’t just been Kid's Clothes Week sewing ‘round here.

We’ve just finished off a rather busy term with 3 separate visits from different family members – we’ve enjoyed seeing my Mum, in-laws and my Sister and her boyfriend over the last few weeks and now we’re about to settle into some well anticipated school/ Kindy holidays. I imagine over the next 2 weeks, there will be a lot more chalk drawing, lego playing, park visiting and perhaps a rainy movie day or two! But before we (properly) settle into that, I thought I’d first share a few random photos from the last few weeks.

I’m planning on having one planned activity to do each day of the holidays, mostly cheap or free things such as crafts, games or baking together and I’m also hoping to get the kids a bit more involved in a few set chores and things, so that they can appreciate the fun times and treats after first learning the value of hard work. Isabelle has already been enthusiastically helping me with my main weekly clean on a Tuesday for a wee while now, so I’m hoping some of her enthusiasm will rub off onto the other two! Her and I have been enjoying reading one of my favourite books from childhood together, Milly Molly Mandy, so I’m sure the holidays will include more of the same.

Are you on school holidays too? What are your plans?

Jen x


Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

Yep school hols for us started yesterday too. And guess what Mr nearly-5 wanted to do? SEW!! Very cute :) I helped him sew his first project yesterday - a drawstring bag. Now he wants to make something else so need to do some googling to see what other easy projects we can manage :)

Leonie said...

Such lovely snippets! Hope you have a great activity filled holidays x