Friday, 3 July 2015

{Kid’s Clothes Week} Wrap Up

KCW days 1-7

DAY 1: Pipi's Pineapple Peplum / DAY 2: Tiny Tourist Top / DAY 3: Night-time Adventurer PJs / DAY 4: Spotty Shorts / DAY 5: Parisian Ruffle Top / DAY 6: Watermelon pom-pom top / DAY 7: Simple Feather Tank

I said I would do a wrap up of what I made during Kid's Clothes Week (last week), and if I know me, if I don’t get it done pretty much right away, it will probably never happen. (Kind of like when I attempt to send out thank you cards – I’m great at making and writing in the cards, but just never manage to get them out … and then it becomes an embarrassingly long time etc etc. You know the story!)

Anyway, so that’s what I made! ^  Not my most productive KCW ever (well I set the standard pretty high with the July 2014 when I sewed 13 items! 13! Craziness!

However, I was pretty happy with what I made, I produced pretty yet practical items that actually filled gaps in my kid’s wardrobes … and I followed the traveling theme … a little bit!? So I count that as a win!

I’m pretty sure that I’ll be posting another contributor blog post on the Kid's Clothes Week Blog, so keep your eye’s peeled for that one. (I’m sure I’ll let you know!)

Did you sew along this KCW? What did you make?

… And finally I’ll leave you with a few ‘out-takes’ – some attitude, silly business and Pipi trying to eat an orange without peeling it! (That photo cracks me up every time!)


DSC_0023-003DSC_0001-004DSC_0011-003Watermelons and oranges 5

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