Monday, 27 July 2015

Handmade Undies

Undies collage

Over the last week or two I’ve gone a little crazy sewing undies. Once you get going, it’s a little addictive! (And such a great way to use up knit scraps!) The pattern I use is this one from That Darn Kat, and it’s so great and easy!

It started out with me making a few size 4 pairs for Isabelle. I have previously made undies once before, the last time I made Isabelle size 2, which she has well and truly grown out of – and they’ve been passed down to Pipi for when she starts toilet training (hopfully this Summer, or earlier!)

The best thing about these undies is how comfy they are, with cotton lycra being used for the waistband and legs rather than elastic; and how well they last compared to flimsy store bought ones… also, they’re pretty cute too – right? … And once I start cutting them out I just can’t seem to stop!

For that reason, I’ve decided to have a little Facebook Sale selling these undies, starting 8pm this Wednesday (NZST). I’ve made some size 2 pairs and some size 4 which I’m selling at $15 a pair or 2 for $25. We’ll see how many sell, or it’s entirely possible that I’ll end up with a lot of pairs left for my daughters… which wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

The photos below are some of my favourites that will be up for sale…


instagram pic

Make sure you check out my Facebook page if you’re interested in buying a pair or two! Or perhaps you might like to make your own like me too!

Such fun!

Jen x


Miriam said...

these are gorgeous - is the pattern available in adult size too??? Love the design

Babajeza said...

Oh, I love them! :-) Do you think boys of 23 to 28 would wear them? ;-)