Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Yes, another pair of handmade jammies (I know!)

*Sigh*… yes I am quite aware that you must be over me posting photos of handmade PJs on here, but here I am writing yet another blog post about jammies!

Sorry if I’m boring you to tears, but my son pleaded with me to make him these and even picked out the fabric he wanted and everything, so who was I to argue with that?! Besides the boy really, really needed new PJs!

Noah new jammies

Patterns: top - the '4 Seasons Tank & Tee', pants - hip hop harems (both Little Kiwis Closet patterns); Fabric: Light blue is a soft cotton jersey that I got from a fabric destash group I’m part of on Facebook, fabric on foot cuffs and around neckline is Tomahawk stripe by April Rhodes for Art Gallery, rabbits fabric is from Ixat.

To be honest, they weren’t my favourite project. The sew went well, having sewn both these patterns many times before, but I had a slightly different fabric combination in mind than what Noah picked out and I found a bit hard to relinquish creative control. (I wanted to do blue and stars to match the girls). But he loves them so that is the main thing!

… And while I have your attention, I’m going to finish this post with a bit of cuteness from my girls. Today was a beautifully sunny yet crisp Winter’s day and the girls played for hours outside on the trampoline and dirt while I hung out washing and pottered about. Then they had early baths, dressed in their matching Mama made jammies, and I attempted to do a milkmaid braid in Isabelle’s hair (thank goodness for youtube… but I could do with some more lessons!)

Isabelle & Pipi 2Isy and Pipi 3Isy and PipiDSC_0064

OK enough the with the PJs, I’m going to turn my attention now to a couple more snuggly Winter sewing projects, before I start prepping for Kid's Clothes Week!

What have you been up to/ sewing (or otherwise)?

Jen x


Ann said...

Your kids are so cute there's no way you could say no to a special request! Noah's jammies are one of a kind and just right!

Jane from Lil Pip said...

I make pjs a lot for my kids. They love them, I don't have to buy them, I have a huge stash of knit to get through. And seriously, my 8yo boy still wants mumma made pjs - ok darling!!

Yours look adorable.