Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Two years of Pipi Grace

If you read my post about Pipi's animal party then you will already know that our little Pipi Grace turned two earlier this month. Shortly after her birthday, and mainly because I’d just conveniently washed her quilt I decided to snap off some pictures of Pipi lying on her quilt … just like the good old days, when I took monthly photos of her.

Pipi Grace - Newborn and 2 yrs

Given her extremely busy wee personality I didn’t expect her to lie still on the quilt. In fact, I expected it to be extremely difficult to get a non-blurry of this girl, but instead she obliged me and lay their like a stunned mullet.


Pipi has brought so much joy to our lives. She’s grown bigger and blonder over the last 2 years, and her cheeky wee personality  that was evident pretty early on has grown and flourished also.

Over the last few months Pipi has learned so many more words. She says “hot”, “owwie” (her personal favourite), “lollies”, “tank-you”, “ohhhh babies”, “C’mon guys” (to her brother and sister), “beckfast”, “car car”, “bath BATH bath” (another favourite of hers) … and lots more. She also rattles off a pretty cute prayer at meal times which she will repeat over and over until she gets her food.

Speaking of food, she loves the stuff and seems to have inherited her siblings love of noodles! She also loves fruit too, especially bananas, feijoas and mandarins. 

I can’t wait see what future adventures await with this little girl around!

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Jen x

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gabrielle said...

Very cute I love seeing all the pics. It's crazy how fast they grow. Otis recites the Karakia the boys say before Meals. ..He doesn't have that many words but can say a whole Karakia in Maori...I think it's the rhythm of it he picks up on