Wednesday, 3 June 2015

{Sewn} More Winter PJs for my girls

Isabelle Merino Pjs 4Isabelle Merino PJs 5DSC_0046

Over the last couple of weeks (since making this pair), I’ve been working on a couple more pairs of PJ’s for my girls. Another cosy merino pair for Isabelle, and a starry pair to match her sister’s original pair for Pipi.

I have a friend who often dresses her two girls all matchy-matchy and it is ridiculously cute. I wondered why I don’t do that very often and I think it’s because, given the fact that I make most of their clothes – when I make something I just don’t feel like making another thing the same, I’m far too impatient and want to jump into the next creative pursuit. There it is. I have a low creative attention span!

Isabelle Merino PJs 3Isabelle merino pjs 2

Isabelle’s posing game was not so strong this time… her ‘bed head’ look on the other hand? Nailed it! (You can’t win them all.)

Well, in attempt to curb my low creative attention span (and because Pipi is OBSESSED with ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ at the moment) I decided to make Pipi a pair of PJs similar to the last pair I made Isabelle. The obvious changes are that I added cuffs, reversed the colours on the top and used a complementary pink and white stripe fabric for the pants (I’m trying to save some merino for other projects!)

I’m yet to photograph the littliest one in her new jammies (she’s asleep!), but here’s a side-by-side shot of the two pairs for comparison.

Pipi's star jammiesIsabelle JammiesPipi star jammies 2

It wasn’t intentional, but I am rather pleased that the dark star fabric is on Pipi’s front, even with a bib the girl can still be a bit grubby at breakfast time!

Once again, for patterns I used the ‘Sleeping Johns’ pattern from the book Growing up Sew Liberated for the pants and  the '4 Seasons Tank & Tee' for the top. For Isabelle, once again I made size 4 and for Pipi, size 2. The dusky pink and chevron merino fabric is from The Fabric Store, the black with gold stars cotton rib knit is from Ixat and the pink and white striped cotton lycra is just something I happened to have in my stash (and can’t remember where from!)

Have you sewed anything recently?



Wendy said...

I got the email from KCW this morning and was so excited to see you're going to be a contributor - yay!! I don't think I'll be doing much sewing for this one, I am due with baby number two on June 23rd, but I might just sign up just in case it runs late :-)

Hannah said...

Hi Jen, You are soooo clever with your sewing! I regularly follow your blog and enjoy the photos! Your little princesses are beautiful! (not forgetting the prince) love and greetings, Hannah W