Tuesday, 30 June 2015

‘Hello Beautiful’ handmade banner

Hello Beautiful wall art 5Hello Beautiful

After the busy-ness of Kid's Clothes Week last week I decided to take a bit of break from sewing for a bit. Well, that didn’t work very well! After having a huge cleaning day yesterday (with massive help from my very helpful 4 year old), I decided to undertake this project in the evening when the kids were in bed to relax and unwind. Lately, it seems that I’ve replaced night-time TV watching with night-time sewing. Not a bad trade I guess, the later is definitely more productive and creative after all!

This project is one that I’ve had rolling around in my head for a while – well pretty much since we moved Pipi in her ‘big girl bed’ a couple of months ago.

Hello Beautiful wall artHello Beautiful wall art 6Hello Beautiful wall art 7

It was a really simple sew … and I say ‘sew’ loosely because the only part that involved sewing was the hemming of the banner and when I sewed the casing at the top for the piece of bamboo to slide through. I was going to sew around the letters of ‘B E A U T I F U L’, but I used vliesofix and it’s doing a good job of holding them on (if it was an item of clothing I’d stitch them on too, but this won’t need to get washed or see as much wear and tear, so I didn’t bother.)

The fabric for that is some of my favourite floral scraps – 3 of which are Liberty of London (used previously here, here and here…. a vintage favourite of mine (used here) and the mustard yellow used on the ‘T’ was previously used to line Pipi's sleep sack. Can you tell that I’m rather enjoying sewing my stash? In fact the backing fabric used was also something I already had in my stash – it’s a calico I used to sew 'Fleur' - a Big Little cloth doll.

For the “Hello” – once again I used one of my favourite things – a freezer paper stencil. (I have tutorial on how to make your own here.) I re-used the ‘hello’ template that I’d made on a previous occasion … and then added the ‘Flourishes’ (twirly bits) on either side of the word, which really made it look a lot better!

I really love how quick and simple this project was and how it turned out! It really suits all the other bits of handmade prettiness in Pipi’s room!


I love being able make things for our house that I know one else has exactly the same!

Jen x

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Leonie said...

So pretty! Love the banner and have loved all the kiddy clothes... So gorgeous and so clever xx