Tuesday, 30 June 2015

‘Hello Beautiful’ handmade banner

Hello Beautiful wall art 5Hello Beautiful

After the busy-ness of Kid's Clothes Week last week I decided to take a bit of break from sewing for a bit. Well, that didn’t work very well! After having a huge cleaning day yesterday (with massive help from my very helpful 4 year old), I decided to undertake this project in the evening when the kids were in bed to relax and unwind. Lately, it seems that I’ve replaced night-time TV watching with night-time sewing. Not a bad trade I guess, the later is definitely more productive and creative after all!

This project is one that I’ve had rolling around in my head for a while – well pretty much since we moved Pipi in her ‘big girl bed’ a couple of months ago.

Hello Beautiful wall artHello Beautiful wall art 6Hello Beautiful wall art 7

It was a really simple sew … and I say ‘sew’ loosely because the only part that involved sewing was the hemming of the banner and when I sewed the casing at the top for the piece of bamboo to slide through. I was going to sew around the letters of ‘B E A U T I F U L’, but I used vliesofix and it’s doing a good job of holding them on (if it was an item of clothing I’d stitch them on too, but this won’t need to get washed or see as much wear and tear, so I didn’t bother.)

The fabric for that is some of my favourite floral scraps – 3 of which are Liberty of London (used previously here, here and here…. a vintage favourite of mine (used here) and the mustard yellow used on the ‘T’ was previously used to line Pipi's sleep sack. Can you tell that I’m rather enjoying sewing my stash? In fact the backing fabric used was also something I already had in my stash – it’s a calico I used to sew 'Fleur' - a Big Little cloth doll.

For the “Hello” – once again I used one of my favourite things – a freezer paper stencil. (I have tutorial on how to make your own here.) I re-used the ‘hello’ template that I’d made on a previous occasion … and then added the ‘Flourishes’ (twirly bits) on either side of the word, which really made it look a lot better!

I really love how quick and simple this project was and how it turned out! It really suits all the other bits of handmade prettiness in Pipi’s room!


I love being able make things for our house that I know one else has exactly the same!

Jen x

Monday, 29 June 2015

KCW Day 7: Simple Feather Tank

Yay, we got to day 7 of Kids Clothes Week and I have to admit that I’m a bit exhausted! Hence this pretty simple project to finish things off.

I actually cut out this tank for a Kids Clothes Week a few seasons ago … (I think at the same time I cut out this one.) I used the The Blank Tank from Melly Sews/ Blank Slate Patterns, one I’ve used many times before. When I originally cut it out the intended recipient was Noah ( I cut a 4T out of a repurposed tee from the op shop), but I’ve made this for Isabelle.

I resisted the urge to add a floral pocket or something, because it is handy to have some simple/ plainer basics in her wardrobe to pair with the more ‘flamboyant’ items! Besides the hand stamped feather on the pocket kind of ties in with the ‘traveling’ theme in a way… feathers, birds, migrating, traveling, the feather in Forrest Gump maybe? … Perhaps it’s a stretch, but I like it anyway! (And can imagine that little pocket stuffed with feathers and other treasures, come Summer!)

simple feather tee close upsimple feather tank 5Simple feather tank 2Simple feather tank

So you may be wondering where is my little model? Yeah, I gave her the day off… after all she’d been busy being ‘Super Girl’ all day (more on that later) and it was cold by the time we got round to doing photos. However, Pipi was determined to be in the shoot. (You might not notice unless you look closely, but her hair and face are covered in orange pith as she was enjoying one of the oranges we picked yesterday a little too much … ah well, at least it creates a talking point, because there’s not much you can say about a simple little tank!)

Right enough already… it’s time to introduce ‘Super Girl’ (aka Isabelle at Kindy Superhero day!)


In case you wondered; the Superhero mask and cape (made from an old vintage pillowcase) was a DIY that I featured on here ages ago … oh how little Isabelle and Pipi look in that post!

Well that’s that… another Kids Clothes Week done and dusted… and I maybe might pop back in here with a wrap up post or something… but tomorrow… cleaning!

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Jen x

Saturday, 27 June 2015

KCW Day 6: Watermelons & Oranges

Watermelon dressWatermelons and oranges 3Watermelon and orangesWatermelons and oranges 5

Today I’m sharing my day 6 project for Kid's Clothes Week, and once again (like day 1: Pipi's Pineapple Peplum);  I have been inspired by warmer climates and tropical fruit. (It seems Pipi is inspired by oranges – peeled or otherwise!*)

Pipi is also inspired by the colour ‘pink.’ I took her to our local fabric store the other day to buy the pom-pom trim that I’ve used to edge the sleeves. I intended to get white, but NO Pipi was insistent that I got the pink! She knows what she wants and is such a contrast to her big sister Isabelle who is all about green! I think Pipi was right, pink was the best choice.

Watermelon dress close up 2

While it looks cute, I found the pom-pom trim a little frustrating to sew on … mainly because it kept fraying at the raw ends. However, this was quickly solved by melting the ends.

The pattern is a free peasant dress tutorial that I’ve used many times before from here. I made the size 2-3 years. For fabric, the cream with black spots was some scraps I have in my stash and the watermelon fabric was something I got for next to nothing at a market our church held last year! Yep, I’m still trying to #sewmystash!

Well that’s about all I have to say about that! If you want to check out my previous days makes…here for my day 1 post, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5.

Joining in with Kid's Clothes Week.

Jen x

*P.S. this post and the photos of Pipi picking the oranges and mandarins reminds me of this post from last year.

Friday, 26 June 2015

KCW Day 5: Parisian Ruffle Top

Parisian ruffle top

B O N J O U R ! Today I’m sharing my day 5 make for Kids Clothes Week and we have arrived in France. (Feel free to grab a croissant or a glass of red, while I tell you about my latest project.

Essentially the fabric used us an upcycled thrifted tee (yay for re-using existing hems!); plus a little grey jersey from my stash for the arm ruffles and neckline. The pattern used is the 4 seasons tank and tee by Little Kiwis Closet – modified obviously to add the arm ruffles and ‘Bonjour’ made using freezer paper stencil and gold fabric paint.

DSC_0020-003Parisian ruffle top 2Parisian ruffle top 3DSC_0019-004

Isabelle was once again being her normal photogenic self and yelled either “Bonjour” or “ Je m’appelle Isabelle” as I took the photos. She was originally pointing at France on the map too… but by the time that last photo was taken (above) not so much.

It was a fun and pretty fast project… and I can definitely see myself adding more ruffles to sleeves in the future.

Parisian ruffle top 4

Joining in with Kid's Clothes Week.

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Jen x

KCW Day 4: Spotty Shorts for my Beach Babe


Hello, today I’m sharing what I made for day 4 of Kid's Clothes Week.

I actually had another project planned but I was looking for something and stumbled upon this little pair of shorts that I’d cut out a while ago and decided to sew them up. I wasn’t even quite sure what size I’d cut out but they looked about Isabelle’s size and she is in need of new shorts for Summer. (She’s grown out of some of my favourite handmade pairs which have been passed straight on to Pipi!)

The pattern is the Pixie Shorts pattern by Big Little and the fabric I used is a reversible tan and cream cotton linen blend from Miss Matatabi that originally used to make these shorts for me. (Yep I’m still trying to #sewmystash this KCW and have so far resisted the call of the fabric shop!)

Reversible you ask? See the photo below left… the other side is a pretty cute check/gingham print!

DSC_0023-002Beach babe shortsDSC_0018-004DSC_0002-007DSC_0005-005DSC_0013-003DSC_0016-004

I’m not entirely sure how this ties into the travel theme (I had planned to make a more ‘in theme’ top to go with them but simply ran out of time)… but think these are the perfect shorts to travel to the beach in. Also, in the inspiration post I did on the KCW blog I linked to the Pixie Shorts pattern as inspiration for little French bloomers… so there’s that too. While our Summer holiday sadly will not consist of holidaying in the South of France, it will involve camping by the sea at beautiful Mahia (see pic below); and I’m sure these little shorts will get a lot of wear then! (Bring on January 2016!)


Joining in with Kid's Clothes Week and Shorts on the line.

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Jen x

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

KCW Day 3: Night time Adventurer PJs

Noah really needs/needed more PJs… yes I did make him some recently, but apart from those, a handmade flannelette pair that is too short for him and a teeny tiny pair of Summer Spiderman jammies that he still tries to squeeze into, he doesn’t down any other pairs!

Given that it’s Winter here in the Southern hemisphere, the plan with these was warmth, and I think this sweatshirting fabric that I scored from the op shop definitely fits the bill. I also tried to fit within the kids clothes week theme of traveling with the points of the compass, which I rustically drew on with a fabric marker.

Little Adventurer PJs

If I’m completely honest with you, I was concerned about the rustic-ness of my hand drawn embellishment during pretty much the whole sewing process. (I set high sewing standards for myself). But now that it’s all sewn up I’m pretty happy with it. It reminds me of a hand-drawn pirate map – adventures that I’m sure many little boys dream about.

For patterns, the two I used were both from Little Kiwis Closet. The Hip Hop Harems in size 5 (modified slightly to be a bit more narrow at the ankles) and the Streetsmart Sweatshirt Collection in a size 6.


Noah was a reluctant model as he was pretty tired today after a busy day of being ‘Where’s Wally’ at his school’s ‘Character/ super hero’ day… I didn’t manage to get too many photos of him… but here he is excitedly running into school this morning and hanging with his little friends. I didn’t sew any of his clothes but my Mum kindly knitted his hat for the occasion. However, it did cross my mind that ‘Where’s Wally’ definitely fits within the traveling theme. I wonder if anyone will interpret it with a Wally twist?


Are you sewing along too? How are you interpreting the travel theme?

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Jen x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

KCW Day 2: Tiny Tourist Top

KCW day 2 collage

Technically it’s day 3 of Kid's Clothes Week here, but I’m playing a bit of catch up. I sewed this little linen peasant top yesterday but finished without enough daylight to adequately photograph it, hence I’m posting about it today.

It’s a simple sew in both style and fabric used, not unlike the beautiful linen I used to make it. I love that linen is both simple yet very beautiful. The simple peasant top style is one I’ve sewed many times before, using this free pattern (I sewed a size 2-3). I’ve added to the natural linen by stamping it with versacraft fabric ink and my camera stamp (it goes with the ‘traveling’ theme I think) and I hemmed it with some cream linen I had in my stash and used some vintage cotton on the sleeves. As well as trying to follow the theme this KCW, I’ve also tried to sew my stash (rather than buying new fabric for the projects) so, if you’re a long time follower of my blog you may recognise these three fabrics from here, here and here.

DSC_0029-002Pipi KCW day 2Pipi KCW day 2 #2DSC_0004-003

It was hard to get many good modelled pics of this little wiggly munchkin, and when she demanded her pillow during the photoshoot, I knew she was pretty tired and my window of opportunity was drawing to a close!

I haven’t started my hour of sewing today and have a couple of loose ideas… perhaps it’s time I turned my attention to Noah or Isabelle!

What are you sewing?

Jenny x

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