Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pipi’s Animal Party

On Saturday our little Pipi Grace turned two. (I can’t quite believe it was two whole years ago that this happened!)

We celebrated with a little animal party with family and some of her little friends. It was heaps of fun.

A very talented friend who is a whiz with a camera, snapped off some photos for us, the first 10 photos were taken by him. (Thanks Reuben!)


My sister in law, Lish made some awesome animal themed food. (Check out the egg/ chicks and pig mallows above!) My other favourite item she made was bananas that looked like dolphins! She is so clever!

I made the cake, a simple vanilla/ butter cake that I iced in the only way that I know how: ‘rustic’ – fortunately, cute animals wearing party hats redeems even the most rustic looking cake!

I was really impressed with how so many people dressed up, even a few of the adults. Noah wore his shark hoodie that I made during kid’s clothes week, Isabelle and I were leopards (with ears and tails made of fabric left over from this) and Pipi was a ladybird thanks to a cute and cheap hoodie from Kmart. (I had grand plans of sewing her a panda hoodie or something, but sometimes when you have a lot on you have to choose sanity over sewing!)

The little party hats were free printables from Caravan Shoppe (seriously there are sooo many cute things on that site); and the leopard balloons were from Sweet Pea Parties.

Pipi turning two also marked another milestone. That night after her party she spent her first night in her big girl bed. But I think that deserves it’s own blog post. Sometime.

Now I just can’t wait to get some of these pics printed!

Jen x

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Leonie said...

Such a great looking party! Growing up so fast! Looks like great fun and well done on all the details! Happy Birthday little one xx

Lauren said...

She is growing up! I love those pig marshmallows and it looks like such a fun party. Sweet Pea Parties have such awesome party supplies!

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