Sunday, 24 May 2015

Isabelle’s Merino PJs

Today I’m sharing my most recent sew with you… some Merino Pyjamas that I sewed for Isabelle. I think it’s quite fitting that I share this with you now, for two reasons. One, we have just had a massive cold snap … as in, quite literally there is ‘snow on them hills!’ So merino PJs are perfect (in fact I need some for ME!); and, two I just shared a funny post about Isabelle's funny sleeping positions, so naturally I’m now sharing about her handmade sleep wear, of course!

Handmade Merino PJs1handmade merino PJs backDSC_0030-001

This B E A U T I F U L dusky pink merino fabric was a lovely and extremely thoughtful gift from my sweet husband from The Fabric Store (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may remember me previously raving about this super spontaneous and generous gift.) The quality of this fabric is top notch and it really is a dream to sew with. For the sleeves and neck trim I used a cotton rib knit that I had in my stash (mainly in order to save a bit of merino for another project or two, but also because gold stars = pretty & bed time appropriate, so win win!)

Handmade Merino PJsHandmade merino PJs 2DSC_0026-001

For the pattern I used the ‘Sleeping Johns’ pattern from the book Growing up Sew Liberated. I made Isabelle the size 4 but chopped quite a bit of the length off given that so far she takes after me in the height stakes.

For the top I used a day wear pattern, the '4 Seasons Tank & Tee', also in size 4.

I sewed them using my overlocker (serger) and hemmed using a twin needle on my normal machine.


And I think that is about all, I have to say about that, other than ‘watch this space’ …I definitely will make making more PJs this Winter! Especially, when I have a model who is THIS AWESOME!

PJ dancing

I mean, how could I deprive the world of THIS?!?

Isabelle funny faces

Jen x


Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

haha I am pleased you sis not deprive the world of this ;) The jammies look so comfy and warm! Love the fabrics combo. What a wonderful pressie from your husband indeed!! It's been very cold in my corner of the world too. Brr!!

Leonie said...

They look super! and comfy and soft! and she is a great model x

suz said...

Cuteness. Isabelle looks super cuddly in soft pink!