Sunday, 24 May 2015

Isabelle’s Merino PJs

Today I’m sharing my most recent sew with you… some Merino Pyjamas that I sewed for Isabelle. I think it’s quite fitting that I share this with you now, for two reasons. One, we have just had a massive cold snap … as in, quite literally there is ‘snow on them hills!’ So merino PJs are perfect (in fact I need some for ME!); and, two I just shared a funny post about Isabelle's funny sleeping positions, so naturally I’m now sharing about her handmade sleep wear, of course!

Handmade Merino PJs1handmade merino PJs backDSC_0030-001

This B E A U T I F U L dusky pink merino fabric was a lovely and extremely thoughtful gift from my sweet husband from The Fabric Store (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you may remember me previously raving about this super spontaneous and generous gift.) The quality of this fabric is top notch and it really is a dream to sew with. For the sleeves and neck trim I used a cotton rib knit that I had in my stash (mainly in order to save a bit of merino for another project or two, but also because gold stars = pretty & bed time appropriate, so win win!)

Handmade Merino PJsHandmade merino PJs 2DSC_0026-001

For the pattern I used the ‘Sleeping Johns’ pattern from the book Growing up Sew Liberated. I made Isabelle the size 4 but chopped quite a bit of the length off given that so far she takes after me in the height stakes.

For the top I used a day wear pattern, the '4 Seasons Tank & Tee', also in size 4.

I sewed them using my overlocker (serger) and hemmed using a twin needle on my normal machine.


And I think that is about all, I have to say about that, other than ‘watch this space’ …I definitely will make making more PJs this Winter! Especially, when I have a model who is THIS AWESOME!

PJ dancing

I mean, how could I deprive the world of THIS?!?

Isabelle funny faces

Jen x

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Isabelle Sleeps Anywhere

I recently captured some funny photos of Isabelle sleeping, she stopped her day sleeps about a year ago - but often after a busy morning I’ll find her curled up somewhere. This girl plays (and works hard) and crashes quickly too.  I was browsing through old portrait project blog posts and realised that  (1) this is a bit of a theme and (2) I really needed a blog post dedicated to Isabelle’s sleeping photos. I’m hoping I can capture some more and that there can be a second instalment sometime in the future! We’ll see.

(In case you’re wondering, the more recent photos are at the top, with the oldest (and my personal favourite) down the bottom – my the girl has grown!)

As I’m sure you’ll be able to tell, I’ve taken creative liberties about a certain poem (originally about cats)


Isabelle sleeps anywhere, any table, any chair…


Favourite blankie, leg through ladder…

Face paint on? It doesn’t matter!

On the couch as cute as can be…

…or atop her bed, a la ‘princess and the pea’

Often with thumb in mouth, and you can be sure…

…She’ll even sleep against Nana’s door!


Have you got any funny photos of your kid’s sleeping? Please share!

Jen x

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Pipi’s Animal Party

On Saturday our little Pipi Grace turned two. (I can’t quite believe it was two whole years ago that this happened!)

We celebrated with a little animal party with family and some of her little friends. It was heaps of fun.

A very talented friend who is a whiz with a camera, snapped off some photos for us, the first 10 photos were taken by him. (Thanks Reuben!)


My sister in law, Lish made some awesome animal themed food. (Check out the egg/ chicks and pig mallows above!) My other favourite item she made was bananas that looked like dolphins! She is so clever!

I made the cake, a simple vanilla/ butter cake that I iced in the only way that I know how: ‘rustic’ – fortunately, cute animals wearing party hats redeems even the most rustic looking cake!

I was really impressed with how so many people dressed up, even a few of the adults. Noah wore his shark hoodie that I made during kid’s clothes week, Isabelle and I were leopards (with ears and tails made of fabric left over from this) and Pipi was a ladybird thanks to a cute and cheap hoodie from Kmart. (I had grand plans of sewing her a panda hoodie or something, but sometimes when you have a lot on you have to choose sanity over sewing!)

The little party hats were free printables from Caravan Shoppe (seriously there are sooo many cute things on that site); and the leopard balloons were from Sweet Pea Parties.

Pipi turning two also marked another milestone. That night after her party she spent her first night in her big girl bed. But I think that deserves it’s own blog post. Sometime.

Now I just can’t wait to get some of these pics printed!

Jen x

Want to read more?

  • Check out Pipi's first birthday (WOW! She has grown a lot in a year… especially in the hair department!)

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Big Little ‘Tree Climbing Pants’ Pattern Launch

Tree Climbing Shorts 3Tree Climbing Shorts 4Tree Climbing shorts 2
A wee while ago I tested the Tree Climbing Pants pattern for Lisa of Big Little, a few things (including the birth of Lisa’s gorgeous little boy) slightly delayed the release of this pattern, but I am very excited that it’s available now and I can finally share these little shorts with you.

Side View
This pattern is SO versatile. First of all, it's unisex AND the size range is from 6 months through to 12 years! It also includes 3 length options (shorts, knee length and 3/4 length) and other optional extras such as back pockets, side pockets and you can use elastic in the leg as I did or not.

It's a super fast sew too, perfect for beginners!

For my shorts I choose the short option with elastic in the leg which I sewed in for a ruffle effect and added little bows to the edges.

I think at this point I need to acknowledge just how cute my daughter is, right? But what would any photo shoot be with out an out take?


Classic Isabelle!

Anyway, make sure you snap up this super versatile pattern! It's on sale for $4.85 USD for a very limited time, so grab it now to save yourself some money!

Jenny x