Friday, 24 April 2015

KCW Day 6: Shark Hoodie

Duunnn dunnn... duuuunnnn duun... duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn … (In case you didn’t quite catch that, that’s just me doing the famous Jaw’s theme song.)

Shark hoodieDSC_0006-003

Anywho, for day 6 of Kid's Clothes Week I made Noah a shark hoodie and so happy with it! I’m glad I can end my KCW on a sewing high after yesterday's less satisfying sew“Ummm, Jenny” – I hear you saying… “you do realise that there’s one more day to sew tomorrow?” Well not for me there’s not! We are going away for the weekend leaving today and I can’t wait. And as much as I’ve enjoyed KCW, I’ll be enjoying a bit of time away from my sewing machine too.

Truth be told I made most of this last night. (Please don’t tell on me!)

This was a pretty quick sew.

Once again I used the Streetsmart Sweatshirt Collection pattern by Little Kiwis Closet (size 6). I have completely lost count of how many times I’ve made this pattern now, and if I was to hazard a guess I’d say I’d probably have made more than 20, possibly closer to 30 tops using this pattern. (I will count them up and get back to you!) This is the 4th time I’ve used it this KCW – twice using it to make sweaters with out hoods (crewnecks?); and on day 1 I altered it to make a dress. This is the first time this KCW that I’ve made the hooded style.

For the shark teeth I looked around for white fabric to use and found that I had some scraps of white coated curtain fabric that I’d used to line these fabric baskets. This was perfect because the weight and stiffness of the fabric meant I didn’t need to stabilise the teeth with interfacing or anything, as I’d originally thought I’d have to. (No-one wants floppy shark’s teeth.) I didn’t use a template or anything, I just started cutting a long strip of teeth through 2 layers of fabric (zig zags on one side and flat on the side which end up sandwiched between the outer and lining of the hood.) I sewed the 2 layers of teeth together along the zig zags and was intending turning them out , but realised that this would be a bit fiddly, involving clip corners, topstitching and what not. Fortunately it looked good as is, and the curtain fabric doesn’t fray so I left them as they were. I then followed the hoodie pattern instructions and sewed the teeth in when joining the hood outer and lining.

The light grey sweat shirting is from Levana, the black ribbing from Spotlight and the fabric lining the hood is a lightweight knit from Girl Charlee.

I was thinking of adding a pocket or some eyes, but decided to keep it simple, and let the main focus be on the teeth. I was thinking of keeping it simple, but when your son wakes you up super excited asking you to add a ‘teeth pocket’ how could you refuse? He loves this hoodie so much, which makes me love it more!

This is by no means an original idea, there are many different versions on Pinterest; but after a quick browse I’m of the firm view that shark hoodies lot much better on little kids, rather than say, adults or dogs.




Hmmm… trust Pinterest!

Anyway no time for modelled pics or fancy collages we are away for the weekend!


Jen x

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Inspinration said...

Lovely sweater and I loved the pictures from Pinterest.