Tuesday, 21 April 2015

KCW Day 2: Cat & Dog Sweaters

If you’ve been following my sewing and are familiar with my makings for previous Kid’s Clothing Weeks, then I bet I can guess what you’re thinking! You’re thinking, ‘I knew Jenny was going to sew another cat sweater, given that she’s sewed 1, 2, no make that 3 of them before!’ Fair call!

Well… I wasn’t really intending on sewing another cat sweater, but I was in Spotlight a couple of weeks ago and discovered this panel in the half price pile. As well as the pug and the cat I’ve used here it contains 4 more cat and dog faces and instructions on how to turn each face into an animal mask. But as soon as I saw it this idea popped into my head!

Cat & Pug Sweaters

Now for the finer details:

Pattern: The same as yesterday, would you believe? The Streetsmart Sweatshirt by Little Kiwi's Closet – obviously with out the ‘lengthen-to-become-a-dress-modifications’ this time! I normally sew Isabelle, who will be 5 (!?) in November a size 4 and Noah (7 in December) a size 5; as they are both quite small kids… However, this time I made Isabelle a size 5 and Noah size 6 as I wanted a slouchier look and want them to be able to wear them next Winter too. (Looking at Noah, he’s obviously needs that size now anyway. Growth spurt!)

Fabric: See above for information about the cat and dog faces. I also got the black ribbing and faux fur used on Isabelle’s sleeves from Spotlight too. The light grey sweat shirting is from Levana (I think I bought about 3 metres a while back – I use it all the time) and the dark grey on Noah’s arms was just something I had in my stash. All of the sweat shirting is fleece backed and deliciously cosy, so will be perfect for Winter.


As regards to the applique… I used vliesofix to glue on and then sewed around using a very narrow zig zag stitch. I was very happy with how the stitching turned out (fluke) and like all good sewing geeks I decided to photograph my sewing machine settings so I’ll remember them for next time! (I’m sure all you other sewing geeks out there will understand this!)


Funnily enough, I discovered that some of my stationery went with the KCW theme of ‘Wild things’…


Joining in with Kid's Clothes Week! Are you sewing along? Post a link!

Jen xx

…. Oh and super braggy moment… I was featured on the KCW blog for day 1! YAY!


Inspinration said...

Lovely sweaters, very creative to use the masks fabric!

Leonie said...

Way cute! love your animal clothing makes!

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

I think they look better on jumpers, not as masks :)

aus_chick said...

My 3 y/o would adore this! Good thing she is in bed ;-)