Sunday, 19 April 2015

KCW Day 1: ‘Doe a deer, a sweater dress deer’

First off, apologies for the cheesy title. I just couldn’t help myself.

As mentioned here previously I am in LOVE with this season’s Kid's Clothes Week theme of ‘Wild Things.’ That’s because my ‘Modus Operandi’ when it comes to comes to sewing kid’s clothes is pretty much floral, polka dots, grey, pastels and quirky animals (and preferably altogether if possible!)

With the last 2 weeks having been school holidays and my older two having a few days at Nana & Granddad’s I was able to approach this KCW pretty organised, having pretty much everything planned and cut out (leaving a little room for spontaneity of course!) I seem to do my best work this way.

Today I sewed up this little deer sweater dress.

Isabelle 3Isabelle 4the many faces of IsabelleIsabelle 5Isabelle 6Isabelle 8

Sorry for the sheer number of photos … but honestly how I could pick only a couple? Isabelle’s poses were on point today! (My husband keeps telling me to get the girl an agent, and I can see why!)

Anyway, before she steals any more of the spotlight off this little dress, here are the details:

Pattern: A modified version of The Streetsmart Sweatshirt by Little Kiwi's Closet in size 4. I modified it by lengthening it and gathered the waist with clear elastic using this technique. (This was actually a happy accident because my original attempt at gathering was an uneven mess, so I rescued it this way.)

Fabric: Vintage Deer Cotton Loopback (also known as French Terry) from here… essentially it’s a lightweight sweatshirt dress, perfect for Autumn as it is here.

…Any way enough of that… I bring you the many faces of Isabelle in GIF format. (You’re welcome.)

Tune in tomorrow when I show you (all things going to plan) a garment sewn with animal print.

Joining in with Kid's Clothes Week… Are you joining in? Post a link if you are!

Jen x


Inspinration said...

Lovely dress curious to see what you planned for the rest of the week. This is my first time to enter KCW organized and having things actually cut :)

Suz said...

So cute. I love deer too!!

Auntie Creates said...

What a fun dress! That is really fabulous fabric. Thanks for sharing the information about the clear elastic. I am excited to try it as I rather dislike gathering.

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

I am so glad you decided to post all the photos, because they are so adorable! There is no way I could have picked just a few too! The dress looks fun and practical, hope your little one will enjoy wearing it :)

BigLittle said...

That deer fabric is adorable, but not as adorable as the model :) xx