Thursday, 9 April 2015

Handmade Baby Gifts (Part 2)


Following on from my recent Handmade Baby Gifts (part 1) post,  here are a couple more baby gifts I have made recently. The two gifts featured here bring the total to 5. I did contemplate making a few more to put away in a bit of a ‘gift stash’, but as handy as that is, I really like being able to make the gift with the recipient in mind. (Also, by the end  I was kind of over sewing baby things for a bit haha!)

The little spotty top and baby jeans were made as a gift for the guy that works for Andrew and his wife who have just welcomed their second little girl into their family. I was stoked because upon completion, Andrew took a photo on his phone and texted them. I’m counting his proudness in my work as a win!

The little jeans are self drafted and have a little Liberty of London butt patch on the back. (If you say ‘Liberty of London’ next to ‘butt patch’ does that make it sound more classy? I’m not sure!) And of the little top I used the Little Kiwi's Closet Flutterby Playsuit Pattern as a base, but obviously modified it to be a top rather than a playsuit and I also curved the hemline slightly. The fabric on the sleeves is scraps from when I made this dress.


The final gift was for a dear sweet friend of mine who has recently had a little boy called Giovanni. He has a big sister called Giselle so I thought I have a bit of fun with the big ‘G’ and little ‘g’ thing by appliquéing a couple of store bought tees. The only problem is now every time I look at the little ‘g’ I see the number 9! Haha… I guess big G and little g will just have to wear them at the same time in order to prevent confusion! I also made a couple of pairs of  Little Kiwi's Closet Hip Hop Harem pants (I’ve made this pattern so many times now!) The pair on the right are made of a merino cotton blend so will be nice and snuggly for Winter!

Now I’m enjoying the school holidays but have embarked on a project for big girl, plus I have dreams of making all 3 some badly needed Winter PJs… and a gazillion other things on the ‘to do’ list!

Are you sewing anything at the moment?



Rhonda said...

So cute Jenny!

Yesterday I made a pair of 'Quick Change Trousers' from Anna Maria Horners Handmade beginnings book. A lovely, easy pattern I can sew up while baby sleeps

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Taking a pic of a handmade pressie is def a sign of pride :D Gorgelus little outfits. Yep I have a very long To Sew For Winter list and no energy to do anything! Oh this is so frustrating!!

BigLittle said...

You have been busy! Those little denim pants are soo cute! I must get around to making some warm wooly ones before winter truly hits too....

Tam said...

Big G and little g look adorable in their gorgeous tops and these two pairs of pants you made are pretty much my go to pants for Giovanni everyday, they are so soft and comfy he is blessed. Thank you so much Jenny for your thoughtful gifts. Will treasure them forever xx Tam

Tam said...
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