Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Autumnal Snippets


I don’t about you, but I just love the word ‘Autumnal.’ As a Southern Hemisphere dweller of course I’m biased, but really isn’t Autumn a much nicer word than Fall?

Apart from a few slightly frosty mornings, it’s still been beautiful weather up here and we’ve still been able to enjoy being outside and often still eating our meals out there too.

Our passion fruit vine has produced a bumper crop this year and we’ve collected a few blackberries too. (A few from our bush, but most from Auntie Lish’s abundant supply!) The kid’s would eat all the blackberries fresh if they could, but I managed to save some to make berry slice.

On the topic of food, this time of year and the cooler weather makes me hanker for fruit crumbles and cobblers. My Mother-in-law visited recently and bought some end of season golden queen peaches and generously gave some to us. We used the seconds to make peach crumble which was delicious.

On the sewing front I should really be making merino singlets and woollen coats for the Winter ahead, yet I’m inspired by summery florals. Perhaps there will have to be some Winter sewing lined with pretty florals. Knowing me the colour grey will likely make an appearance too!

What are you sewing, eating doing this change of season?



Inspinration said...

We are actually moving into spring, I also love the changes of the season (I quickly forget how we leaved two seasons ago). We are now realizing again how nice it is to be able to be outside the entire day!

BigLittle said...

Your garden goodies look amazing! Autumn is so lovely isn't it. I love it when we have those beautiful sunny days but without the intense heat. Winter garments with floral lining sounds delightful xx