Sunday, 1 March 2015

Monochrome Fabric Baskets

My poor boy-child shares his room with his little sister. He loves sharing a room with her for the most part (I often find them snuggled in on the same bed together); but I do feel for him in that the room is quite girly. The colour pink is like food colouring, a little bit goes a long way!

Noah doesn’t seem to care (yet), but I have tried recently to add some more boyish touches to the room. The eventual plan is that the two girls will share and he will likely have his own room in the future, I’m not sure how exactly he’ll want to decorate that, so for now I’m embracing the monochrome theme; because monochrome goes with anything!

A couple of weeks ago I made him these 2 fabric storage baskets. The fabric is a thicker weight cotton duck from Spotlight and is lined with with white, coated curtain fabric remnants. I didn’t follow a tutorial per sae, but drew on a bit of high school maths to work out the circumference of the circles bases and therefore the width of fabric I needed. Who knew ‘Circumference = Pi x diameter’ would come in handy in the ‘real’ world?

Because both the lining and the outer fabrics are quite thick combined with the fact that I’d run out; I decided to forgo interfacing – which was perhaps a bit of a mistake. The baskets are definitely on the ‘slouchy’ side! However, that doesn’t seem to matter – they seem to hold bats and balls and other boyish paraphernalia quite well!


Other boyish things I have collected include: Maiko Nagao Print found at Collected, Needle & Nail Wooden Fishing Rod (a birthday gift from Nana & Grandad) and Tinch Restickable Drawer Organisers (which I like to morph into one word ‘draworganisers’)

I have a few other things in mind to sew for Noah’s room so watch this space!

What have you been sewing lately? Have you found yourself using Math in sewing much before?

Jen x

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Leonie said...

Practical and way cool! he must be thrilled! Yup, use maths a lot and I really love it!