Monday, 30 March 2015

Handmade Baby Gifts

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Sorry for my unscheduled blog break, it’s unintentional I assure you! Life has just been pretty busy. Busy with just the day to day stuff that comes with keeping 3 little people (and one husband) fed, watered and happy and healthy, oh, and I watched a lot of the Cricket World Cup. (Well done Black Caps we’re proud of you even though you didn’t take home the title!)

Also, there are a couple of other exciting things going on behind the scenes here at M&MN HQ which are keeping me busy (and no I’m not pregnant! haha!) Hopefully I’ll be able to share these behind the scenes developments with you soon, but until then I’ll just have to leave you hanging!

Despite not blogging much in the month of March, I have still been sewing things… although not as much as I have planned, but I’ve still been taking time to potter away on my machine when I get a spare minute or two. This outgoing month has pretty much been the month of sewing baby gifts. The top gift was actually an order that one of Isabelle’s kindy teachers asked (and paid) me to make for a baby shower she was attending and the bottom two are for two friends that have recently had babies. All the patterns I used were (co-incidentally) Little Kiwi's Closet patterns. I made 3 pairs of hip hop harems (all 0-3 month size) and a long sleeved top using the 4 seasons tank and tee pattern (top picture, also 0-3 months size) and a polar bear peekaboopocket mix and match outerwear vest (3-6 months).

I also have two more baby gifts in the works – one is almost finished and another is only in concept form in my head (but that counts right?) I was intending on waiting to finish and photograph these before I wrote this post, but I think that will have to be ‘Handmade Baby Gifts, Part 2’ … or else this post might never get written! 

What are sewing? Are you joining in with Kids Clothes Week in a few weeks time?

Jenny x


Leanne M said...

Not much sewing has been going on here lately and with school holidays about to start, I can't see it happening for the next little while, and I am starting to experience withdrawals. Luckily I still get to read what other people are making, and I just love those floral pants you've made.

Rhonda said...

I was a very happy recipient of one of those outfits! Thanks so much Jenny - it truly looks wonderful on my wee man.

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Such lovely little pressies, such lovely fabrics :)

Wendy said...

Lovely! where did you get that fabulous polar bear fabric?

Leonie said...

Always enjoy seeing what you've been up to and making! Life never slows down does it? Hope April is not too frantic for you x