Monday, 23 February 2015

Snippets of Summer


We enjoyed some great Summer holidays, got away for a fun family camp, have had a few visits from family, and now we’re firmly back in the grasp of the school (and Kindy) routine. In true Jenny style I managed to forgo photographing our holiday, family visits and pretty much anything else really of note, but I did manage to pull my camera out on those quiet / ‘ordinary’ at home moments – moments of sibling love, backyard paddling, a back-to-school-Mum-done hair cut, Lego play, and some special Mother-daughter cookie baking and eating time. I just love those ordinarily extra-ordinary moments with my kids, and my childhood memories consist of many of the same things.

As this blog has grown it’s become more and more of a place to share ‘things I’ve sewn’; but I always love sharing snippets of everyday life with my kids. It’s great to reflect back on my sewing projects and developing skills but I love to use this blog to document the growth of my kids too! So, you can expect more ‘Snippets of the Everyday’ here in 2015.

I just have to remember to wipe off that cookie dough and grab the camera!



BigLittle said...

I love "everyday" posts like these. Those little pigtails make me smile too :) xx

umar kk said...
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Leonie said...

So nice catching up on your gorgeous kidlets and home moments and also your makes... deliciousness all round xx