Tuesday, 17 February 2015

LKC Fancy Flounce Skirt

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OK, true confession time; I’m not normally overly into frills and ruffles. Normally, I’m more of a less is more kinda girl. But I really do have to make an exception for Lydia of Little Kiwi's Closet’s latest triumph in pattern design – the Fancy Flounce Skirt.

I’ve just finished testing this newly launched pattern and despite the fact that it is very fancy and flouncy, it isn’t OTT. It’s perfect. Perfect for a tea party or a good bounce on the tramp, as demonstrated by my very active model!

This pattern ranges from 6-12 months size all the way through to 12 years and looks great on all. I love how the 2 year old size I made for Pipi looks so darling with it’s lace and light pink knit flounces and vintage floral lining; yet on a tween in different fabrics it almost looks like a different skirt, with the cascade of the flounces even more obvious. I really enjoyed seeing some of the other testers photos, everyone did such a great job – click through to the pattern to see what I mean!


As Lydia puts it, this skirt definitely is a ‘labour of love’ – (well mainly just the cutting out and rolling the hems of the flounces); but it is most definitely worth it. I found the construction of it fascinating and unlike anything I’ve made before. So quite enjoyable really. Because of the rolled hems this is a pattern that you do need a serger/ overlocker in order to make it.

Apart from the end result, which I’m just so happy with, probably my other favourite part of the pattern was that I didn’t have to print too many pages off! I LOVE PDF patterns, but one thing I like least about them is printing screeds of paper (grrrr expensive printer ink) and all the taping and cutting of pattern pieces! However with this pattern and making the size 2 I only had to print 4 pages (I don’t print the tutorial out to save paper). Lydia also helpfully includes a little guide near the beginning of the tutorial telling which pattern piece pages you need to print out depending on which size you are doing! So helpful! This might not sound like a big thing, but if you’re experienced with PDF patterns, I know you understand where I’m coming from!

So, yeah I love my little fancy flounce skirt… in fact I would go so far to say that I’m frilled with it (sorry couldn’t help myself!) Make sure you grab your own copy of this pattern while it is on sale! (An already applied 15% discount is available for a limited time!)

Happy Sewing!

Jen x

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BigLittle said...

It looks great - another beautiful design! You sure have been busy sewing lately xx