Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Meeting Eli

On Tuesday we met Eli, our new nephew and the kids’ new cousin. He is squishy and delicious.


It was so cute seeing the kids interact with him, especially Isabelle who was totally besotted! It made me think about how great it is to have cousins, and remember something Franny of Breastmates said on her Facebook page recently. She had been to China for a work trip and found it very hard to explain the concept of cousins to her hosts. A sad Reality of one child policy. I had never thought about that, and I’m so glad that both I and my kids get to experience the joy of cousins.

You might remember me sharing some photos of Toby & Tash’s (Eli’s parents) wedding a couple of years ago,  here and here; and more recently I blogged about Natasha's baby shower and a quilt I made for wee Eli.

It’s great to now have a baby boy to sew for, anyone have any suggestions or links to share for cute things to make for baby boys?

Jen x


Amy @ onacraftyadventure said...

Oh we have a boy nephew due in a couple of weeks! I have a wee girl so it is easy to make pretty dresses and headbands. I'm having trouble thinking of boy things. Maybe stuffed dinos or something!

Jess B said...

So squishy! I've come across a few things for boys over the years (having three of them!) - though having said that, I can only think of a couple of those things at the moment! Wee waistcoats - super simple - and an all in one romper thing, often called a John-John. Will have to wrack my brain for some more...

Hootnz said...

Isabelle's face!! So adoring! I can't think of baby boys stuff on the top of my head, but when he gets older, a car cosy carrier would be a great addition, I've made a couple of these and they have been well used by my friends kids :)

BigLittle said...

This post me made all gooey :). Squishy babies are just delicious. He will need a Big Little pixie hat and boots! Hehe. Lisa xxx