Sunday, 7 December 2014

November …


From looking at these photos, you’d be forgiven for thinking that November was ‘the month of Isabelle!’ – well since her birthday fell in the middle of that month, and she’s inherited her Mother’s tendency to enjoy her own birthday for as long as possibly … November pretty much was the month of Isabelle. It also was the month of visiting family, visits to the hot pools, lots of icecreams and moustaches and a Baby Shower (see Isabelle’s toast moustache above!) Oh, and a market and our wedding (11th) anniversary!

We enjoyed a lovely visit from my Mum when it was Isabelle’s birthday and the following week we enjoyed a lovely few days with the 2 clowns below – Poppa and Granny Lynn … who felt the need to cool off from the hot Hawkes Bay sun with a water fight! (Yes, that’s what they’re doing below!)


So far, December is feeling like the month of end of year breakups and Noah’s birthday and Christmas of course! I’m hoping January will be a nice relaxing time!

I hope you are enjoying a lovely December too!

Jenny x


BigLittle said...

Happy Birthday! She looks like she is really enjoying what she is eating :) Happy anniversary too! Hope you manage to enjoy some good times throughout the busyness xx

BigLittle said...
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BigLittle said...
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Leonie said...

Happy birthday and happy anniversary and happy more to come! Hope January is going to give you some time to put your feet up! x