Thursday, 11 December 2014

Friday Faves (Pineapples)

So… a while back (cough, cough…pretty much at the beginning of this year) I started a ‘thing’ here on this little ‘ol blog… that I like to call ‘Friday Faves’ … but you can’t really call it ‘a thing’ if you do it once but never do it again, right?

Here’s what I said the last time (and the only time) I did a ‘Friday Faves’ feature …

“I’ve decided to start a new feature on my blog. It’s not an original idea, but I keep seeing things on the internet that I want to share with you. So instead of spamming your facebook feed all the time .. with ‘look at this’ , ‘check this out’; I’ve decided to make a new ‘Friday Faves’ feature. I can’t promise that it will happen every Friday, but I can promise that it will be on (some) Fridays and it will be fabulous.”

Well I guess that’s not totally incorrect because since this is the second instalment, that qualifies as some Fridays, right?

I also mentioned in that post, that I’d like ‘Friday Faves’ to have an emphasis on accessible and affordable items as well as handmade and kiwi businesses. (Because there’s nothing worse than finding just what you want on Pinterest only to discover that it costs an arm and a leg… and it doesn’t ship to little old NZ.) I think I’ve achieved a bit of that, this time …

But first, the pretty pictures…

pineapple collage

ONE: Ceramic Pineapple Jar from Kmart (Spotlight also sell a similar product too)

TWO: FREE Pineapple Print download by Maiko Nagao!

THREE: Pineapple dress by Minti

FOUR: DIY FREE printable pineapple wrapping paper from Whimsey Box

FIVE: Pineapple Heads - Natural hairstyling and skin care products for kids

SIX:  It wouldn’t be a true (Kiwi) pineapple round-up without featuring ‘Pineapple Lumps’ – found at a local dairy or supermarket near you… and (in my opinion) best served straight from the freezer!

The list includes 2 freebies, awesome aye? And why pineapple’s did you ask? Well, obviously you missed this post!

Have you spotted any pineapples recently? Or watermelons – they seem to be a bit of in thing too!

Jen x


Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

haha cute!! I saw a pineapple tshirt at the shops today :) And I had pineapple on my pizza last night - does that count ;)

Leonie said...

So cute! Pineapples are everywhere! It helps that they are one of my fav fruit! Hoorah for freebies too!

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