Monday, 1 December 2014

A Cot Quilt & a Baby Shower


A couple of weekend’s ago I jointly hosted a baby shower for my Sister-in-law, Natasha. Despite the guest of honour not feeling particularly great on the day, I think everything went pretty well – thanks to beautiful weather and a lot of hard work on the part of my fellow host-ee, Jordan. (Honestly check out pretty much all the decorations, cupcakes and chocolate moustaches below – that was all Jordan!)

Tash is having a little boy so the theme was ‘lil’ man’ – hence the moustache overload (conveniently though the date of the party conveniently fell in Mo-vember!)

Co-incidently, and as fate would have it I stumbled upon an unused packet of moustache (‘munchstache’) cookie cutters at the op shop about a week before the party and I also got pretty excited by the fact that I finally had a reason to attempt the famous Paisley Jade Moustache Cake! Yuss!

So you’re wondering about the quilt pictured above? Well it feels like a while that I’ve had a chance to sew baby boy things, so I decided to make Natasha and Toby’s wee boy a cot quilt. I followed this easy cross quilt tutorial/ template from For the Love of George. It came together pretty quickly and although I bought a couple of fat quarters from By the Yard especially for this project, I also managed to use up a couple of scraps from other projects such as Pipi's hexi quilt and her sleep sack. There really is something quite satisfying about using up scraps isn’t there? (And I like that this little boy will have a bit of fabric that is also in his cousin’s quilt too!)

Anyway, here are some pics of the party as promised … mainly of food!


I can’t wait until we get to meet this little boy!

Jen x


Roslyn said...

LOVE the quilt! A cross quilt is high on my to-do list. You always choose such great fabrics!

Nat @sewoutnumbered said...

haha! Love the cake :) And the quilt - it's absolutely gorgeous! I've got a HEAP of baby presents to make for next year so will definitely remember this one.

Sophie Slim said...

Great quilt! I just sent my sister a pinterest board of cute baby quilts for her to choose something for me to make for their bubba who is due soon! (they live in london!) She chose a plus quilt so I'll be starting that asap!!

Love the partay! x

Leonie said...

Love the quilt and am a big fan of the design - so simple and so effective... perfection! No doubt it will be loved for many years x

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