Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pipi’s Bambi Inspired Hooded Vest

Lydia from Little Kiwi's Closet has done it again! She’s gone and produced another AWESOME kid’s PDF pattern! Well… technically, this one’s a bit on an update of one of her original patterns, the Peekaboo Pocket Vest – but in typical Little Kiwi’s style, The Peekaboopocket Mix & Match Outerwear pattern is really about a gazillion patterns in one since it has so many options. (See Lydia's blog post for more details.)

Anyway, despite being a little lot busy this month, I decided I just had to test this pattern!

Et Voila! I give you far too many photos of Pipi’s little Bambi inspired vest… (And please take heart in the fact that I resisted calling this post “Doe a deer, a hooded vest deer!” You’re welcome.)


And here’s a free baby photo shoot tip: If you want to demonstrate the garments pockets, shove a raisin in one!

Thanks Lydia for another super awesome pattern!

PS: Have you missed me? I’ve got a new laptop now! Yay!

Jen x


Leonie said...

It's adorable! And the bambi fabric is perfection! So it that raisin hunting little model!

Imogen Eve said...

Oh my goodness that is ADORABLE (both the vest, that fabric ... and the little model).

Wendy said...

super cute! where did you get the fabric? Must remember the hide the raisin trick for future pictures!