Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pimp that Pattern Blog Tour {Pipi’s Pineapple Playsuit}

DSC_0008-001DSC_0012Pineapple Playsuit
Hello, and welcome to my contribution to the Little Kiwi's Closet: Pimp that Pattern Blog Tour! Today is day 5, and participants (see schedule down the bottom) have been busy pimping the awesome Little Kiwi’s Flutterby Romper and Playsuit patterns, and today is my turn!

I’ve pimped the playsuit pattern in an extremely simple way – by turning Pipi into a Pineapple … essentially through a bit of fussy cutting.  (After all, who doesn’t love a bit of fussy cutting). I’m not sure if you’d really call that ‘pimping’ … but I’m claiming it anyway! Originally my plan was to turn Pipi into a strawberry, and I was going to buy some red fabric with black spots for the body and do a green ruffle along the neckline. But I’m trying to use fabric I have rather than buy  more, and then I remembered that I had this scrap of pineapple fabric.

There is a bit more to this story … A couple of years ago I had this fabric stretched across a canvas on our dining room wall. It was fun and summery, but I think I was the only one that really ‘got’ my pineapple artwork. Anyway, we moved and changed things up and I recycled to the canvas for another craft project – at which point I removed the pineapple fabric and put it back in my stash. And there it has stayed awaiting it’s time to shine … and now pineapples are ‘in’. Big time – as a rudimentary Pinterest search will show you… see below. (Clearly I’m a bit of a trendsetter or something!)

pineapple pinterest screenshot
Anyone else really want a pair of pineapple pom pom shorts?

Anyway, back to the playsuit … I cut the body out so that a big pineapple featured on both front and back and used some cream and black spotty fabric from Spotlight for the flutter sleeves. Did I mention that this awesome pattern  has lots of different sleeve/ neckline options (sleeveless with a ruffle/ flutter, short or long sleeves)? It also has the brilliant instructions that I’ve come to expect from Little Kiwi’s Closet patterns and ranges from sizes Newborn – 4 years. For a younger child in nappies it has great instructions on how to attach snaps, or the crotch seam can be sewn up for an older child.

The pattern is described as ‘beginner’ and I would agree. Following Lydia’s awesome pattern a sewer with basic skills should be able to confidently sew this up in a couple of hours.

I just love how cute Pipi looks in her Pineapple Playsuit (and can’t wait to make a bunch more for Summer … perhaps inspired by various other Summer fruits!) … And obviously I didn’t think making Pipi a Pineapple Playsuit for the ‘Pimp that Pattern’ Tour was quite enough alliteration … so I added Pigtails too…

Between those piggies, the chubby baby legs and the pineapple butt, I honestly can’t quite stand the cuteness!

Make sure you follow the rest of the blog tour (see links below) and also snap up a copy of  the Flutterby Romper and Playsuit patterns (AT 30% OFF FOR THE DURATION OF THE TOUR – ENDING 8TH NOVEMBER 2014.)
ALSO, another way to get in on the fun is to make your own version of either one of these patterns during this week, and then link in (see link at the very bottom of the page). One participant with be drawn randomly and will win their choice of 2 Little Kiwi’s patterns!


Flutterby tour image
Thanks Lydia for letting me part of this super fun tour!


Leonie said...

Such cuteness! So Many P's! and all that delicious babyness! What's not to love! Am off to check out the playsuit pattern - the girls would love it!

BigLittle said...

Seriously, this is sooo cute. Love the pineapple thing you have going on! ... and those chunky little legs.... oh my :) xx

Anthea Livingstone said...

Love Love Love your adorable baby legs Pipi xx

Penya, An apprentice housewife said...

This is so adorable! I have to steal your fruity idea :D

Miriam said...

Total win Jenny, of course you are a trendsetter! You have such a great eye and hand!

Ginx Craft said...

Gosh that is cute. I had not realised pineapples are trending. I will be looking out for them now.

Bethany - Sew-Not-Perfect said...

Super cute - I'm a big fan of the (now-ended) USA Network show Psych where pineapples played a secret by key role, so it makes me think of that! And its just generally adorable. Great job.

Wendy said...

I love it, she is a super cute model and the romper is also pretty sweet :-)