Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Handmade Sale

November has been a busy month! We’ve celebrated a little’s girls 4th birthday, hosted a baby shower, and had 3 different groups of family to stay … and yesterday, Andrew and I celebrated our 11th Wedding Anniversary and I had a stall in our church market day.

I was happy with how the market went, but I’m also very glad that I have lots of items left for a Facebook sale which I’m having this Wednesday, 3 December 2014 at 8pm NZ time. Make sure you check out the my Facebook sale album if you’re in the market for baby/ little kid clothes… or owls!

Handmade Sale

Prices are on the album and are not inclusive of shipping. (At this stage I’m planning on only posting within NZ, but may consider posting to Australia at your cost.)

I would really appreciate if you could share the album on your page/ with your friends (and thanks in advance for supporting my fabric addiction/ holiday fund!)

… And here’s a few of my faves…


Oh, and a little something I picked up at the market myself … more fabric and a vintage pattern of course!


Thanks again! x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Pipi’s Bambi Inspired Hooded Vest

Lydia from Little Kiwi's Closet has done it again! She’s gone and produced another AWESOME kid’s PDF pattern! Well… technically, this one’s a bit on an update of one of her original patterns, the Peekaboo Pocket Vest – but in typical Little Kiwi’s style, The Peekaboopocket Mix & Match Outerwear pattern is really about a gazillion patterns in one since it has so many options. (See Lydia's blog post for more details.)

Anyway, despite being a little lot busy this month, I decided I just had to test this pattern!

Et Voila! I give you far too many photos of Pipi’s little Bambi inspired vest… (And please take heart in the fact that I resisted calling this post “Doe a deer, a hooded vest deer!” You’re welcome.)


And here’s a free baby photo shoot tip: If you want to demonstrate the garments pockets, shove a raisin in one!

Thanks Lydia for another super awesome pattern!

PS: Have you missed me? I’ve got a new laptop now! Yay!

Jen x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Off the grid

Recently it seems, my children and technology have conspired against me - the net result being a lost cell phone (I miss Instagram!) and a broken laptop! Ah well! I will survive!

I've been missing sharing blog posts and instagram snipets, but have enjoyed some time with a little less technology and have been able to keep up to date with emails and facebook on my kid's tablet. (Hardly 'off the grid', I know -  although uploading photos from my DSLR and blogging at the moment are a little limited.)

My Mum is currently visiting offered for me to use her laptop and I jumped at the chance ... so here's essentially the contents of my camera: pancakes, sewing for a market, pattern testing and quilting for a nephew on the way ... and some more cute sibling moments. We have a busy few weeks ahead with visiting family, kid's birthdays, hosting a baby shower and the market - but it should be lots of fun. I love this time of the year.

What have you been up to? ... And did you miss me? (Or even notice I wasn't there? hehe)

Jenny x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pimp that Pattern Blog Tour {Pipi’s Pineapple Playsuit}

DSC_0008-001DSC_0012Pineapple Playsuit
Hello, and welcome to my contribution to the Little Kiwi's Closet: Pimp that Pattern Blog Tour! Today is day 5, and participants (see schedule down the bottom) have been busy pimping the awesome Little Kiwi’s Flutterby Romper and Playsuit patterns, and today is my turn!

I’ve pimped the playsuit pattern in an extremely simple way – by turning Pipi into a Pineapple … essentially through a bit of fussy cutting.  (After all, who doesn’t love a bit of fussy cutting). I’m not sure if you’d really call that ‘pimping’ … but I’m claiming it anyway! Originally my plan was to turn Pipi into a strawberry, and I was going to buy some red fabric with black spots for the body and do a green ruffle along the neckline. But I’m trying to use fabric I have rather than buy  more, and then I remembered that I had this scrap of pineapple fabric.

There is a bit more to this story … A couple of years ago I had this fabric stretched across a canvas on our dining room wall. It was fun and summery, but I think I was the only one that really ‘got’ my pineapple artwork. Anyway, we moved and changed things up and I recycled to the canvas for another craft project – at which point I removed the pineapple fabric and put it back in my stash. And there it has stayed awaiting it’s time to shine … and now pineapples are ‘in’. Big time – as a rudimentary Pinterest search will show you… see below. (Clearly I’m a bit of a trendsetter or something!)

pineapple pinterest screenshot
Anyone else really want a pair of pineapple pom pom shorts?

Anyway, back to the playsuit … I cut the body out so that a big pineapple featured on both front and back and used some cream and black spotty fabric from Spotlight for the flutter sleeves. Did I mention that this awesome pattern  has lots of different sleeve/ neckline options (sleeveless with a ruffle/ flutter, short or long sleeves)? It also has the brilliant instructions that I’ve come to expect from Little Kiwi’s Closet patterns and ranges from sizes Newborn – 4 years. For a younger child in nappies it has great instructions on how to attach snaps, or the crotch seam can be sewn up for an older child.

The pattern is described as ‘beginner’ and I would agree. Following Lydia’s awesome pattern a sewer with basic skills should be able to confidently sew this up in a couple of hours.

I just love how cute Pipi looks in her Pineapple Playsuit (and can’t wait to make a bunch more for Summer … perhaps inspired by various other Summer fruits!) … And obviously I didn’t think making Pipi a Pineapple Playsuit for the ‘Pimp that Pattern’ Tour was quite enough alliteration … so I added Pigtails too…

Between those piggies, the chubby baby legs and the pineapple butt, I honestly can’t quite stand the cuteness!

Make sure you follow the rest of the blog tour (see links below) and also snap up a copy of  the Flutterby Romper and Playsuit patterns (AT 30% OFF FOR THE DURATION OF THE TOUR – ENDING 8TH NOVEMBER 2014.)
ALSO, another way to get in on the fun is to make your own version of either one of these patterns during this week, and then link in (see link at the very bottom of the page). One participant with be drawn randomly and will win their choice of 2 Little Kiwi’s patterns!


Flutterby tour image
Thanks Lydia for letting me part of this super fun tour!

Sunday, 2 November 2014



I thought it was time for an update of sorts … here’s what was on my camera…

1 & 2 : I’ve been making some things for a church market day we have later this month (I’ll probably do a Facebook sale for the leftover items) … anyway here’s a bit of a sneak peek. And a photo of Noah’s ‘Flopsy Bunny’ – a toy he picked up from Nana Jocelyn’s house – who Noah insisted needed a T-shirt. Noah picked out the fabric and I whipped this up in a couple of minutes. The fabric choice is quite inspired – a rabbit wearing rabbits … very meta

3 & 4 : Miss Isabelle writes her name

5 & 6 : A beautiful silhouette. “Flowers” from my girl.

7 :  Noah makes a paper plane

8 : More sisterly affection

Joining in with Em from The Beetleshack

Jen x